Pricey Pleasures: A Look At The Extravagant Purchases Of The Wealthy

By Jishnu B May 31, 2023

There is a fine line between living and surviving. Evolution pushed us to the point where we longer have to venture into the wild to hunt for food. Nearly everything we need to sustain a comfortable life can be found in the nearest grocery store. However, some folks would argue that this is still just surviving, not living. Many claim that you live to the fullest when you have the finer things in life. As it turns out, the finer things in life usually cost so high that middle-class folks like us cannot comprehend them, much less afford them. For this listicle, we have gathered some of the extravagances the rich enjoy. You can decide if they are helpful or pointless.

Ice Cube

When we previously said that these items are beyond our comprehension, we meant it to the fullest. Bet you never imagined individually wrapped luxury ice cubes. Some genius did, and they are currently running a booming business. We don’t know if we should rebuke them or praise them.

Image Credit: Albert’s Ice Cubes Chocolate Candy / Facebook

We cannot even call it a scam since the rich happily buy. Each of these cubes costs about $9. Meanwhile, we’ve been using a beat-up plastic cube tray since 1997 and got yelled at by our grandma when we suggested buying a new one from Amazon.

Gold Pill

There is a crude yet famous saying about how the rich defecate gold. Sadly for us, the postmodern culinary industry was determined to make it literal; hence, the trend of putting gold in food became a thing. We shall forever curse the day the edible gold foil was invented. 

Image Credit: PatronSaintofKillers / imgur

Putting gold on food has no benefits. It’s only a status symbol, a way to show off how rich you are. Install a disco ball in the bathroom if you want the toilet to glitter. Take a chill pill instead of a gold pill. 

John McEnroe

With our money, we bought a nice pair of limited edition Nikes in high school. We were so proud of ourselves; back then, we thought there could never be any better luxury than that since we were getting compliments left and right.

Little did our naive and young self know that amounted to nothing. This billionaire invited the tennis legend, John McEnroe, to play a casual afternoon match, literally one of the greatest sportsmen in history. It’s like having karaoke with Beyonce. 

Private Jet

It is incredible how different aspirations are among the older and the younger generation. Our grandparent’s generation considered having a house, a job, and a car enough to consider their life successful. Meanwhile, for us, the sky’s the limit – literally. 

Image Credit: Deleted user / reddit

Cars are pretty lame when you compare it to a private jet. Why travel on concrete roads like a peasant when you have the vast blue sky above you? Meanwhile, we’re struggling to pay our student loans. How could we ever afford a million-dollar vehicle? 

Seasonal Furniture

A kid named Ernie from our kindergarten used to bully us since we wore different scrunchies every day of the week. Jokes on you, Ernie. You laugh at us, but are not rich because you don’t redecorate and swap furniture every season.

Image Credit:

We didn’t know that this was common among the rich; getting new furniture to correspond with the season. The best we could do was buy pretty curtains for every season. Even a trip to IKEA could bankrupt us if we are careless about spending. 


These days people refuse to live in places that do not have elevators. It does not matter if it is a two-story building; an elevator is always necessary. However, some people put elevators in their homes for a good reason, they have elderly or disabled people in their homes. 

Image Credit:

However, there is no excuse for this sort of behavior. Keeping cars safely in the garage is no longer enough. This person needs their vehicles to be at eye level, regardless of where they are in the apartment. What do they do? Cuddle at night with their Lambo? 

Coffee Can

Last week we bought a can of lima beans from the farmer’s market. Nothing worth noting as the can was the same one as last time. It was made of stainless steel, nothing expensive, and we had no issues with that. 

Image Credit:

We prefer precious materials to be used in things other than cans for preserved food. However, we are the only ones who think that because Tiffany came out with their “everyday objects” series. They had a sterling silver coffee can that cost a whopping $1,550!


Hold your horses; this one is hilarious. While researching for this listicle, we understood that we have to reach a level of wealth where one can casually spend on superbly unnecessary things without batting an eyelash. Your mind has to be ready for these expenditures. 

Image Credit: Smaug149 / reddit

Owning a herd of horses is stereotypically a common denominator among the wealthy. However, it actually makes you wonder if they are passionate about horses. This OP answered our questions. Kudos to the owners for making sure the horses live their best life.

Bathroom Pillow

Surprisingly, we are not against this, and that’s because we are at risk of injury after drinking too much liquor. One time we tried climbing a flagpole while drunk. Another time we woke up with a mysterious bruise on our forehead.

Image Credit: Poody81 / reddit

You could wrap us up in a bubble, and we would still be injured while drunk. Therefore, this person’s decision makes sense to us. You could get yourself killed by slipping in the bathroom while drunk. We bet it feels great to rest your head on the bathroom pillow when nauseous.

Rotating Garage

We would have laughed had we not realized how poor we are after seeing this. Since we got our driver’s licenses, we struggled with backing out of spaces and parking. It is such a hassle. Even the slightest mistake could result in scratches on our car. 

Image Credit:

Yet the concept of a rotating garage has yet to come up in our dreams. It may be our middle-class mentality holding us back from imagining such things. However, since we finally know this marvel exists, we must install one, no matter how costly.

Hotel Room

Nice one; however, this is a hard pass for us. Even if we had all the wealth in the world, we would never check into this hotel. Their questionable devotion to providing the best service to the customer is admirable, though.

Image Credit: Isola_di_albarella / ig

However, we are highly private. No way in hell anyone is allowed to check our luggage and take the layout of our inventory. What if we had drugs in there? Will the hotel purchase us crystal meth on our next visit?


We all know Gordon Ramsay. He is the internet’s favorite angry British chef. Watching him blow up at an amateur cook is as therapeutic as watching a Bob Ross art tutorial. However, he is not all talk. He is a multi-millionaire who owns high-end restaurants all over the world.

Image Credit: Deleted user / reddit

Only a few get to taste the food he prepared. Only the very privileged of the world get to enjoy his culinary prowess. Imagine being the person to criticize Gordon about his dishes. Even if he oversalted our food, we’d finish it quietly. 


This certainly socks for us (Apologies for the pun. We will do it again.) Middle-class folks have been trained to wash and fold their clothes from a young age. They also thrifted clothes often to save money or wore hand-me-downs.

Image Credit: Sad-Appearance4437 / reddit

Now we know where those nearly unused socks in the thrift shop came from. It’s all because of this guy. We are just trying to imagine the environment this person grew up in. To say that he is sheltered is an understatement.

Fire Department

Should we feel impressed or enraged with this? Money brings you good connections; we always knew that. We just never knew it was this intense. We know people whose pets died in house fires, yet the fire department couldn’t help. 

Image Credit: Seamus Payne / Lisa Gilmore Design

Yet, this story talks about meticulously preserving art pieces amid a great fire. We bet gathering the paintings in the middle of an inferno must be difficult, but they still risked their lives. Woulf your risk your life for an art piece?


We would love to know what job this person does because we struggle to pay rent for our one-bedroom apartment. Meanwhile, this man is casually buying all the property in his vicinity. They must be involved in the mafia or something.

Image Credit: Styx / pixabay

Good for them. We aspire to be on this person’s level. We wish good luck to the final resident on that street. Hopefully, they have enough tact to ask for a hefty profit while selling their house. We are confident the buyer will be capable of paying whatever price they may demand.


At first, we were not surprised or impressed. Sinks, where you can control the water temperature, are not uncommon. However, when we discover it dispenses sparkling water, we jump out of our seats. This should be a wise time to mention that we have an unhealthy obsession with sodas.

Image Credit:

The fizzy sensation of drinking a carbonated beverage is addicting. Every month we spend an ungodly amount of money on buying sodas. We might as well buy this tap. At least this way, we can mix sparkling water with fruit juice in the morning.


You have yet to learn how far the influence of money can trickle. It’s not just the fire department who will do your bidding even at the risk of their lives; your local senator will also become your best friend. 

Image Credit: Daniel Schwen / wikicommons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Politicians had always been historically buddy-buddy with the wealthy parts of society. After all, they are the individuals funding election campaigns. It is only fair to give their benefactors some gifts. You will understandably have powerful friends when you have a 150 million net worth. 


Nope, we do not buy it. There is no way easy accessibility is the only reason why they are parking the Lambo 24/7 in the street. We are confident it has to do with showing off, but we do not blame them.

Image Credit: Benjamin Zhang/Business Insider

If we had such a car, we would have ensured everyone and their mother knew about it. Aside from this ridiculously rich producer, the parking meter feeder won in life. We want to know what are the qualifications required for the job. 


With great power comes great responsibilities. With great money comes a lot of people who wish you ill. Money may earn you powerful friends, but it can also make you many enemies who envy your good fortune. Sadly, kidnapping is a common thing that wealthy people face. 

Image Credit: Mariana.bordados / ig

You bet they also have a strategy to handle a multitude of difficult financial situations. Many wealthy people get insurance on their kids in case they ever get kidnapped. We are still determining if we should be disappointed or impressed. 


We absolutely love books. Books are perhaps the most remarkable thing for humans after food. If we ever become mega-rich, the first we would ever do is buy our parents their dream home and have it outfitted with a huge library.

Image Credit: Bootsnsatchel / reddit

Secondly, we would go to the bookstore and buy original hard-cover copies of all the books we like. We admire this person’s vast book collection. However, it’s all a waste if they never read it. Books are not just for aesthetics.

Ivy League

Growing up is realizing and finally accepting that Ivy League universities are overrated. You will have bragging rights for life. However, it gives you the same education provided by lesser-known universities. It isn’t always the school that makes a difference, but the student’s mindset too.

Image Credit:

Ivy Leagues are even bigger scams, mainly because they have a long history of nepotism. Remember your rich, obnoxious classmate from high school who never touched a book, yet somehow ended up in Yale after graduation? You don’t have to be an Ivy League genius to figure things out. 

Private Island

Until 2017, we did not know that islands could be bought. Therefore, you can imagine how out of touch we are with the wealthy parts of the world. We are still surviving on cup noodles; please do not judge us. 

Image Credit:

However, feel free to judge this person and their lack of self-control. They say money dulls our sense of perception. Perhaps the cash had finally got to this fella. How would they profit if they were to ever sell this island?

Faberge Eggs

Suddenly the Russian Revolution makes sense. The Russian tsars exchanged bejeweled eggs, while the peasants could not eat actual eggs. These 19th-century eggs are gorgeous and of intricate craftsmanship. However, they are still a symbol of the current state of the world.

Image Credit:

In a way, the Russian Revolution never ended. The tsars may have perished. Yet the eggs had survived and still ended up with the wealthy. Life took a full circle moment yet again as inflation increased the price of eggs drastically, and once again, peasants like us could barely afford them.

Track House

We can’t say we are too surprised. There was a rumor of a devoted fan of BTS trying to buy a house near the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California, where the boy band once performed for their world tour. 

Image Credit: Thermal Club Villas – Thermal club

It makes sense for a Formula One racing fan to take shelter around the race tracks. Imagine watching race cars battling fiercely for first place while sipping some tea in a bathrobe on your balcony. That’s like us watching an Adele live concert from our backyard. 


Even looking at this hurts our eyes. We barely get approved for regular credit cards because of our dismal credit scores. Pokemon cards are the only cards that we can afford. Therefore, the Palladium is beyond our comprehension. 

Image Credit: ebay

This is the Rolls Royce of cards, and not all rich folks get their hands on it. The bank only sends the cards to the wealthiest of the wealthiest. We are doing fine with our Pokemon card, thank you very much. 

Country Club

Country clubs are places for men who peaked in high school and lost their friends. Hence, in their old age, they pay money to hobnob with equally desperate fellows in swanky grounds, but who are we to judge the investment?

Image Credit:

Everyone needs company, even if you have to pay money for it. We want to know the kind of company this country club provides its members They better meet the president or A-list celebrities every weekend for the sum they pay. 

Italian Toilet

Surprisingly we have no complaints regarding this despite the fact we once yelled at our Uncle Larry for installing an air conditioner in the bathroom. His was a simple case of being wasteful. However, this OP made a wise investment.

Image Credit: Usatodaynews

They say that health is wealth, and we agree. How can you enjoy all the material goods if you have a short life? You can see whatever is wrong with your body daily and take precautions when you detect something suspicious. 

Call Center

The guy who purchased the Italian toilet probably also invested in this health venture. We have no complaints about this either because it makes sense. You should care for your health, and not shorten your time on Earth by being reckless.

Image Credit: A.a.r1995 / ig

They call the contact center whenever they get a bad notification from their hi-tech toilet. Good for them for being so health conscious. It would have been a better investment to be in a group chat with all of his doctors. 


This man is the definition of ‘why be a king when you can be a god’. Indeed, why should he settle for a chlorine-filled pool when he could make his own lake? Lakes are always welcome in real estate because they add value.

Image Credit: JPAudet / trip advisor

If we had that much money to casually throw around, we would have also had a lake made. It just makes everything better. You could boat and fish in it; when winter comes and freezes everything, you can skate on it. 

Heated Garage

We admire how self-aware the OP’s cousin is. He is right; it sounds super unnecessary. It’s like buying an Ooni oven for baking pizzas when a regular oven could work just fine. However, sometimes a little extravagance never hurts anyone.

Image Credit: Trekandshoot / shutterstock

There are many hacks to heat up cars during winter. They work perfectly fine for peasants like us. However, those who can easily afford the finer things in life do not have to work harder than us. It’s a sad reality that we have to accept.

Canned Air

Fifty years ago, many scientists predicted that by 2020 the world shall be introduced to flying cars. We have yet to reach that milestone. However, we have invented methods of enjoying the fresh air of Milan while sitting in New Delhi. 

Image Credit: Swiss_air_deluxe / ig

We wish we were kidding, but this is an actual thing. People collect air from famous locations worldwide and then sell them at high prices. Back in our days, people just did drugs. Yet somehow, it feels like this generation took the bar down by a notch. 


Kudos to this homeowner’s brain. They were determined to fit a spa in their bathroom, and they succeeded. Showers may be one of the most soothing experiences, but this takes getting rid of the dust and grime collected throughout the day to another level.

Image Credit:

We understand if you splurge on a shower system because investing in a relaxing shower is helpful. Both your physique and mental health will benefit from it. We feel like installing the same shower as the OP, we just need to find ways to fund such a venture.


We always had a sneaking suspicion that our time spent in college was a waste of money and effort. After seeing this woman’s job, we are convinced our college degree is trash. We wasted 6 years and 400k for nothing.

Image Credit: Gustavo Fring / pexels

She is living the dream. This lady is getting paid to live in a New York City penthouse. She even gets to accompany the adorable puppy. Who said heaven could not be found on earth? It exists, and it belongs to her. 

DuPont Registry

This listicle is the amalgamation of various stupid purchases by the rich. We tried our best to keep an open mind. However, we have finally reached our limits. This is the dumbest thing we have ever seen, which speaks volumes.

Image Credit:

We get it; some people are just too wealthy and don’t know what to do with their money. However, could they not use it in a more meaningful way, like donating to a soup kitchen or sending orphans to school?


This will receive a resounding ‘no’ from us. Looking young is not enough if we have to pay nearly 10k for every visit. To give you some idea, we earn about $1200 US each month from our minimum wage job. 

Image Credit: Angellodeco / shutterstock

These people are taking our yearly salary and smearing it on their faces so they look flawless. If we have to pay that much money, that IV better pay our taxes, cook dinner, be our wingman, and find us a spouse.


A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. If they must spare millions to ensure they wake up to the most stunning views possible, then so be it. Congratulations if you’re a person rich enough to do that.

Image Credit: It’s greener over here / Facebook

Envy is the worst of the vices, yet we feel it each time we think about this man. Imagine the level of financial security this person reached to casually throw away millions. Meanwhile, we contemplate whether or not we should buy a Tootsie Roll or not. 


When the black community of New Orleans came up with the auditory divinity that is Jazz music, we bet they did not see this day coming. Jazz has become too influential. that not only humans find appeal in it. Other species do too!

Image Credit:

Who knew fish could enjoy music? What is even the point of this? Does the music make them happy, and does it somehow make the caviar taste phenomenal? We have numerous questions and we are unsure if we want them answered. 


Researching this listicle is making us question life. Do people get dumber the richer they are? If so, is Elon Musk the dumbest man on earth (please don’t answer this rhetorical question)? Besides, did these people not watch Titanic (1997) and learn anything from it? 

Image Credit:

You must always keep emergency items such as safety jackets and small boats in the vessel. Under no circumstances should you let aesthetics get in the way of living longer. You should use some of your stash to see a doctor. 

Duplicate Closet

Tempting, but no. It’s a hard pass from us. What is the use of having limitless cash if we never get to try different things? Having a few favorites is alright. However, buying duplicates of your favorites is completely unnecessary.

Image Credit: Christopher Lee Foto / The Spruce

We should not try to be like that guy who wears different socks every day and throws used ones away. Variety is the spice of life and a little diversity in fashion is welcome, but we do not support this so-called luxury. 

Private Ski

Now we finally understand why our father insisted on us becoming doctors. Aside from the prestige the job brings, having medical knowledge is literally harnessing the power of god. Your life or death is in the hands of your doctor.

Image Credit:

Perhaps this level of responsibility that comes with being a doctor is what deterred us in our youth. Suffice it to say that we were fools. Forgive us father, for we have sinned. We should have listened and gone to medical school while we still had the chance.