Financial Experts Share 5 Expenses Where You Want To Use Your Credit Card

By Francis Tunwase

In today’s financial landscape, credit cards have become increasingly prevalent. And, it’s easy to see why: they offer several benefits, from their convenience to your ability to access credit by simply tendering them. 

Source: @cardmapr/Unsplash

However, when it comes to spending, it is also important to know where and how to use your credit card to save yourself from a jam. Fortunately for you, a financial expert has shared some tips on what expenses are best to be paid off using credit cards.

Recurring Subscriptions

According to a consumer financial advocate at Credit Karma, credit cards are especially perfect for processing recurring charges – from gym memberships to Apple Music subscriptions and more. 

The reason for this is that affordable recurring charges help you to establish a good credit history. And, over time, you even get access to increased credit. No matter how small, plug your card into that recurring expense and let it handle the payments. 

Online Purchases

We all make online purchases. However, when you need to make one, it is always great to select credit cards. The reason is simple – if there’s a dispute and your merchant won’t want to resolve it, credit cards offer a more stable base through which you can get a resolution.

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Travel Expenses 

Every now and then, we all feel the need to travel and embark on exciting trips. However, if you have a trip planned, then you might want to process the payment using your credit card.

According to one expert, paying with a credit card means you will be protected if something goes awry. Just as well, you can get ancillary benefits such as emergency medical coverage and delay insurance with credit cards.

Electronic Purchases

Another expert recommends purchasing any new electronics using your credit card. Whether you’re buying a new TV or a smart home hub, credit cards let you earn points, which can allow you to accumulate high-value benefits such as extended warranty coverage and purchase protection. 

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Products From Unfamiliar Sellers 

If you find an online retailer that you’re not familiar with and need to buy from them, then paying with your credit card might be the best bet. This way, even if the purchase doesn’t work out, you also have an easier time challenging a charge on your card.