Expensive Errors: 40+ Costly Mistakes That Ruined A Perfectly Good Day

By Jishnu B

Have you ever had one of those moments where you realize that you just made a painfully expensive mistake? Maybe you carelessly bought a designer bag that costs more than your monthly rent, or you just dropped your brand-new iPhone in the toilet (ouch). Well, don’t worry, because you’re not alone.

In fact, there are countless stories out there of people who’ve experienced hilariously expensive fails and accidents that will make you feel much better about your own mishaps. From dropping a priceless vase at a fancy dinner party to accidentally setting fire to your neighbor’s lawn, these unfortunate fumbles are sure to make you cringe and laugh at the same time.

So sit back, relax, and prepare to feel much better about your own expensive mistakes as we take a look at some of the most painfully funny fails and accidents out there. 

Ungrateful Feline

Cats are notorious for their finicky attitudes and expensive taste. They demand the finest foods, the softest blankets, and the most luxurious cat furniture money can buy. But sometimes, despite our best (and often expensive) efforts, they simply refuse to be satisfied.

Image Credit: @GeneReddit123 /Reddit

That’s precisely what happened when this feline decided to ditch the fancy cat tree in favor of a simple cardboard box. This cat, who shall remain nameless (for their own protection), completely snubbed their expensive cat furniture in favor of a plain, old cardboard box! Too bad humans can sit on it.

The Airplane Behind

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s… the butt of an MD-80?! Yes, you heard that right. In what can only be described as a hilarious (and slightly embarrassing) mishap, a group of ground staff pulled the wrong handle and caused the rear end of an MD-80 to come crashing down to the tarmac.

Image Credit: @kraven420 /Reddit

According to eyewitness reports, the incident occurred at a small airport in the middle of nowhere. The ground staff was preparing the plane for takeoff when they mistakenly pulled the wrong lever, causing the entire backside of the aircraft to break off and plummet.

Winter Came Early

In a bizarre incident that shocked customers and staff alike, a paint store was recently the site of a massive spillage of white paint that resulted in hilarious chaos. With this paint-astrophe, the local paint store found itself in a sticky situation. 

Image Credit: @D0nk3yPunch912 /Reddit

This spill happened just after the store closed, causing chaos for customers and staff. The paint quickly spread, covering everything in sight, from the walls to the ceiling. We’ve seen some messy spills before, but this one definitely takes the cake. 

The Candle Attack

A candle has been accused of assaulting a laptop with a scorching hot flame. The incident occurred when a hapless computer user decided to set the mood by lighting a candle while working on their laptop. Little did they know that the candle had its own evil agenda. 

Image Credit: @unidentifies /Reddit

As it slowly crept closer and closer to the laptop, it eventually got in position and unleashed a molten stream of burns all over the unsuspecting device. The computer now bears the scars of the vicious attack, with a large patch of burn covering the once-pristine top. 

Airplane Piercer

In a hilarious mishap that left airport personnel scratching their heads, a pole pierced through the wing of an airplane that was stationary at the airport. How it made its way onto the runway and impaled the aircraft is still a mystery. 

Image Credit: @rulingthewake243 /Reddit

Despite the potential danger and catastrophic consequences that could have ensued, luckily, there were no passengers on board. The only thing that got a piercing in this airport was the airplane wing. But who knows what surprises the airline industry has in store for us next?

The Golf Ball Mishap

A golf ball has managed to defy the odds and fly over the protective net barriers at a local golf course, landing squarely on the solar panels of a nearby house. The incident has left residents scratching their heads, wondering just what kind of golfers are practicing on the course.

Image Credit: @NeedleworkerBulky456 /Reddit

The golf course should consider offering a bonus prize to anyone who manages to hit the solar panels. It could be like a hole-in-one but with added difficulty. This incident serves as a reminder that sometimes even the best-laid plans can go awry. 

Broken Dreams

A toilet parcel arrived in the mail, only to be found shattered into a million pieces upon opening. Needless to say, the unfortunate recipient of the package was left feeling flushed with disappointment. They were extremely excited to receive the mail, but all they found were broken pieces and shards of porcelain. 

Image Credit: @tommygun1234567890 /Reddit

The cause of the destruction remains a mystery, but we speculate that the toilet may have been dropped from a great height or perhaps crushed under the weight of a particularly heavy delivery truck. Just like that, this person’s dreams of having a porcelain throne have been shattered. 

The Demise of iPhone 

This one really resonated with us. An iPhone was found shattered after getting caught in the hinges of a bed frame. The incident left the owner of the phone scratching their head, wondering just how their beloved device managed to meet such an unfortunate fate.

Image Credit: @flippity_dippity_doo /Reddit

The phone met its unfortunate fate when it fell between the cushions and got caught in the frame when the bed was being moved. It’s almost as if it had a death wish! Well, at least the owner can use this as an excuse to get a new phone. 

Workplace Mishap

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking. For one unlucky warehouse worker, his first day on the job was memorable for all the wrong reasons. In a moment of inexperience and clumsiness, the new guy accidentally caused a hefty number of cans to fall all over the ground, leaving a huge mess in his wake. 

Image Credit: @LowNslow09 /Reddit

The incident occurred when he was attempting to move a pallet of cans using a forklift. However, in his nervousness, he accidentally hit a nearby stack of cans, causing them to tumble to the ground like a scene out of a disaster movie. Such a rough start!

Unfortunate Fate

A huge LED TV fell face-first, causing chaos and confusion among its owners. Perhaps the TV, which was previously sitting pretty atop a sturdy entertainment center, was simply too distracted by the latest episode of Game of Thrones to notice its precarious position.

Image Credit: @booa /Reddit

It plummeted to the ground with a deafening crash, shattering into a million tiny pieces of glass and circuitry. The owners of the TV were understandably distraught since they’d invested their life savings in the latest, greatest home entertainment technology.

Kitchen Plates

A pile of kitchen plates met its unfortunate demise in a local kitchen. Perhaps the kitchen was on a cruise ship, and a rogue wave caused the disastrous event to happen. Or maybe someone was reaching for a jar of peanut butter when their elbow accidentally made contact with the pile of plates. 

Image Credit: @PHON3-BOi /Reddit

With this scale of destruction, it’s understandable if the neighbors were jolted from their afternoon naps by the deafening sound of breaking glass. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident except the kitchen floor, which was left covered in a sea of broken shards. 

Keep Your Toddlers in Check

This young toddler caused chaos in their home after learning to use the microwave. What started out as innocent curiosity quickly turned into a disaster when he decided to put a controller, shoe, and batteries into the microwave. Yes, this one features the death of yet another gamepad.

Image Credit: reddit.com

The toddler was left unsupervised for just a few minutes while their parents were busy with household chores. Within that time, he managed to figure out how to use the microwave and promptly set about experimenting with it. The real trouble started when a couple of batteries were added into the mix.

In Dire Times

In a move that can only be described as a stroke of genius (or insanity, depending on who you ask), a tech repair client took matters into their own hands to combat the overheating issues of their computer. The solution? Drill holes directly into the CPU. 

Image Credit: @BrysonicLightning /Reddit

They had been experiencing frequent overheating problems and had tried just about everything to fix it. After consulting with a few friends and scouring the internet for answers, they finally settled on a DIY solution. Such an unusual excuse to buy a new laptop.

A Heist to Remember

In a heist that would make even the most skilled bank robbers jealous, two mischievous labradors pulled off the ultimate caper by tearing through a stack of money belonging to their owner. The dogs were left alone in the house for just a few minutes when they discovered the cash sitting on a nearby table. 

Image Credit: @caffeinatedelirium /Reddit

With their tails wagging and their noses twitching, they set about their work, ripping through the bills with reckless abandon. By the time their owner returned home, the canines were covered in shredded bills, and the house was in complete disarray. 

Work Of A Dog

In a tale that is sure to leave car enthusiasts cringing, a mischievous dog was caught biting the rims of a parked car. The naughty pooch was seen gnawing on the wheels of a luxury vehicle like it was a juicy bone!

Image Credit: @Aquagenie /Reddit

It kept nibbling away at the rims of the Porsche, leaving visible bite marks all over them. Car owners in the area were advised to keep a close eye on their vehicles and watch out for any mischievous dogs with a taste for expensive rims.

The Washing Machine Incident

This can only be described as a laundry disaster of epic proportions. Someone’s washing machine’s glass window was mysteriously shattered into a million tiny pieces. According to witnesses, it was in the middle of a spin cycle when the glass suddenly exploded, sending shards flying in every direction. 

Image Credit: @bigandy1105 /Reddit

Though the cause of the explosion remains a mystery, we speculate that the high-speed spin cycle may have put too much pressure on the glass, causing it to shatter. Others have hilariously suggested that a rogue sock or a particularly stubborn stain may have had something to do with it.

Baked PS4

In a classic case of parental ingenuity gone wrong, a man decided to use an unconventional tactic to get his son to bed: putting the PS4 controller in the oven. Unfortunately, his plan backfired spectacularly when his wife came home and unknowingly baked the controller in the oven.

Image Credit: @hi_robb /Reddit

Although the man thought his decision was rational at the time, his wife had other plans for the oven that evening and preheated it for dinner without realizing the controller was inside. The result? A perfectly cooked DualShock 4, with the plastic shell, melted and buttons fused together.

Ice Maker Fail

In what can only be described as an Arctic apocalypse, a recent ice-making mishap has left a kitchen in disarray. Witnesses report that the refrigerator’s ice maker failed to store the ice properly, causing the frozen cubes to melt and spill out all over the floor. 

Image Credit: @dhudd32 /Reddit

Despite efforts to stop the flow of water, the ice continued to melt at an alarming rate, causing a mini flood in the kitchen. The freezer remained a watery mess, and the ice maker continued to sputter and fail. Frankly, we really felt for these guys.

Phone Meets Snowblower

It was a dark and stormy day when a local resident decided to clear their driveway of the latest winter snowfall. As they were using their phone to take pictures of the beautiful winter wonderland, disaster struck. The snowblower suddenly kicked into high gear, sending a spray of snow flying in all directions.

Image Credit: @mungwhisperer /Reddit

Unfortunately, the phone was caught in the crossfire. Who takes their phone out in the middle of a snowstorm? The sheer force of the snowblower was impressive, to say the least. Well, one thing is certain: when it comes to phones and snowblowers, it’s best to keep them as far apart as possible.

Anger Management Issue

This one is just infuriating. A local mom’s boyfriend has reportedly gone through 11 smartphones within a year. According to sources close to the situation, the guy has a bit of a temper problem, and when things don’t go his way, he takes it out on his phone.

Image Credit: @ThayPastaGuy /Reddit

Each time a phone broke, he would simply buy a new one, only to break it again in a matter of days. Friends and family members watched in horror as the pile of broken phones grew higher and higher. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before he graduates to the TV!

Water in Oil Engine

Water and oil are two substances that don’t mix well together, but for some reason, some people think it’s a good idea to put them in the same engine. Maybe they believe in the power of unity, or perhaps they just love a good challenge. Whatever the reason, the results are always hilarious. 

Image Credit: @Micheiba /Reddit

We all know that engines need oil to run smoothly, but what happens when someone decides to use water instead? Chaos, that’s what. In a classic case of “what could go wrong?” someone decided to experiment with using water in their car’s engine instead of oil, and that’s what they got. 

Paint Mishap

Picture this: you’re painting your house, having a great time, when suddenly disaster strikes. The paint can tips over and spills all over your car parked outside. Oops. This is exactly what happened to a man we’ll call Bob (not his real name, of course). 

Image Credit: @owjim /Reddit

Bob had been painting the exterior of his house all day and was feeling pretty proud of his progress. He had just finished up a section near the driveway when he accidentally bumped into the paint can. It fell over and spilled gallons of paint all over his beloved car. 

Shattered Dreams

Imagine this: you’ve finally found the perfect gift for your friend’s birthday, a beautiful crystal picture frame you know she’ll love. The only problem? The frame is discontinued, and the only one you can find is in an online store. You bite the bullet and pay the $31 shipping fee, knowing that it’s worth it.

Image Credit: @affable_discourse /Reddit

Days go by, and you anxiously await the arrival of the package. Finally, it arrives, and you eagerly open it, only to find this. Your heart sinks. The crystal picture frame you’d paid so much for is in a million tiny pieces. You curse, find an alternative, and vow never to buy anything online again.

Gaming Tragedy

This particular user had spent a year searching for the elusive PS5 in stores and online and finally managed to purchase the coveted console. With his excitement at an all-time high, he brought it home and eagerly set it up. 

Image Credit: @waybackwhen15 /Reddit

However, his furry friend had other plans. As soon as the man turned his back, the dog seized the opportunity and went to town on the console, chewing on the wires and leaving teeth marks all over the device. When asked for comment, it simply barked and wagged its tail, clearly proud of its handiwork. 


In a scene straight out of a cat-astrophic comedy, a mischievous feline caused chaos in a suburban garage by knocking over a ladder and denting a car. According to the owner, the cat had escaped from the house and made its way into the garage, where it climbed onto the roof of a parked car. 

Image Credit: @buckeye_man18 /Reddit

From there, it apparently decided to get into some mischief and pushed a nearby ladder off its perch. It came crashing down onto the car, leaving a noticeable dent on the body. The feline then sauntered off as if nothing had happened. 

Do Not Bend! 

A hapless graduate found their hard-earned diploma bent inside a locker, despite the clear instruction to “not bend” on the certificate. The graduate, who spent countless hours and thousands of dollars earning their degree, was understandably dismayed to find it in such a state. 

Image Credit: @pdowney2 /Reddit

It seems that the perpetrator of this dastardly deed failed to heed the warnings. Perhaps they were in a rush, or maybe they just didn’t care. Whatever the reason, the result was a sad, bent piece of paper that looked more like a crumpled napkin than a symbol of academic achievement.

Winter Wonderland Surprise

This definitely qualifies as winter comedy. A group of distracted children caused a car to be filled with snow after failing to shut the door properly. They were busy playing in the snow and chasing each other around when they hopped into the car to take a break.

Image Credit: @sn00perz /Reddit

In their excitement, they failed to shut the door after they were done, allowing the snow to make its way into the vehicle. By the time the parents realized what had happened, the interior was completely covered in snow, with drifts piled up on the seats and dashboard. 

Dogs Will Be Dogs

In a doggone disaster, a mischievous pup chewed up a set of AirPods and their case, leaving their owner in a state of disbelief. The dog had taken a liking to the shiny white devices, mistaking them for a new kind of chew toy. 

Image Credit: @De-Eh-Team /Reddit

Despite the owner’s attempts to keep the earbuds out of reach, the pooch got its paws on them and proceeded to make a meal out of them. What was left was a chewed-up mess that looked more like a science experiment gone wrong than a pair of high-tech earbuds. 


A driver sadly got their car stuck in a multi-story car park after forgetting they had bicycles on the roof. Thanks to this momentary memory lapse, they failed to take into account the height restrictions of the multi-story car park they were entering. 

Image Credit: @mitchanium /Reddit

As they approached the entrance, the bicycles scraped against the top, leaving the car stranded and unable to proceed any further. It was a bike-tastrophy of epic proportions. This serves as a reminder to always check the height restrictions of any parking facility before attempting to enter with a vehicle loaded up with bulky items. 

Case of a Sneaky Dog

A sneaky dog sniffed out and consumed its owner’s rainy-day stash of cash, leaving the owner in a state of shock and disbelief. They had carefully stashed away a wad of bills for dire times in a secret spot in their home. 

Image Credit: @BullfrogOscar22 /Reddit

However, the curious pup managed to find the stash and, in a fit of hunger, decided to make a meal out of the bills. The result was a chewed-up, soggy mess of paper that looked more like confetti than legal tender.  

Dogs Can’t Take a Break

From what we have gathered from this list, always keep valuable items out of reach of pets and especially be extra cautious when it comes to anything fluffy. This is another case of a mischievous pup that tore apart its owner’s feather pillow, leaving a trail of feathers and fluff in its wake.

Image Credit: @lbpcod /Reddit

The owner had left the pillow in a seemingly safe spot, thinking it was out of reach of the naughty pet. However, the dog had other ideas and, in a fit of boredom or maybe frustration, decided to make a toy out of the fluffy pillow. 

Red Wing 2233 Disaster

Oh, Red Wing 2233, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. From its durable leather to its sturdy soles, it is the perfect companion for any adventure. However, it turns out it is also popular among dogs as a chew toy. 

Image Credit: @Corona4100 /Reddit

This pooch managed to get its teeth on a pair of Red Wing 2233 boots, leaving chewed-up leather and broken hearts in its wake. The result was a scene straight out of a horror movie for any shoe lover. The once-pristine boots had no idea that they would meet such an awful fate so soon. 

RED Camera Frozen in Time

A RED video camera has been frozen solid, leaving its owner in a state of panic and disbelief. The culprit? Mother Nature herself. The camera had been left outside in sub-zero temperatures and, in a matter of hours, had become encased in a block of ice. 

Image Credit: @SRJtheBoss /Reddit

Perhaps the owner can make attempts to thaw the camera out using hair dryers and heaters. This incident serves as a reminder to always take proper care of expensive equipment and to be extra cautious not to leave anything valuable outside in extreme weather conditions.

Expensive Taste 

In a shocking development, a beloved Coach bag was found with new, unauthorized ventilation courtesy of a canine companion. The bag’s owner, who had invested a considerable sum in the luxury accessory, was understandably distressed at the sight of the dog-chewed leather. 

Image Credit: @GunMTL_Grace /Reddit

The dog, meanwhile, appeared to be entirely nonchalant about the situation as if to say, “what, this old thing?” while wagging its tail innocently. Turns out the pup, like his owner, harbors a taste for luxury, and thus the expensive Coach bag became the latest victim of its chewing tendencies. 

Pepper-themed Disaster

A clogged lenticular filter led to the loss of an entire crop of bell peppers, leaving employees in a pickle (or, should we say, a pepperoni?). The filter had become so clogged with pepper particles that it was unable to properly filter the pepper mash, resulting in a loss of 20 kilos of bell pepper. 

Image Credit: @Taclysis /Reddit

Of course, the incident begs the question – how does one even unclog a lenticular filter? Do you use a pepper grinder? A hairdryer? A miniature plunger? Well, perhaps they could salvage the remaining peppers and make a giant batch of salsa. 

Taste For High-tech Gadgets

A beloved $1200 PC was found in a state of disarray on the floor after being pulled off its perch on a desk by a curious canine. Attempts to repair the damage by replacing broken parts and wires only seemed to make matters worse, as the computer now sports a somewhat unique, Frankenstein-like appearance. 

Image Credit: @Speedywombat123 /Reddit

One can only imagine the dog’s thought process as it tugged on the cords, “hmm, what’s this shiny thing? Looks fun to play with. Oops, did I do that?” Who knows, maybe the dog-chewed PC will become the latest tech trend or, hopefully, the inspiration for a new line of pet-proof electronic equipment. 

Feline Creativity

In a stunning display of feline creativity, a cat transformed a mundane computer monitor into a work of abstract art, complete with intricate scratch marks and unique textures. It took a particular interest in the screen of the monitor, using its claws to create a masterpiece of scratch marks. 

Image Credit: @Kittensinglasses /Reddit

The results would make even the most talented human artist jealous! Of course, the incident begs the question – what inspired the cat’s artistic vision? Was it the glare of the monitor’s screen or perhaps the rhythmic hum of the computer’s processor? Too bad Kitty da Vinci declined all questions.

Window Seat? 

It was supposed to be the perfect upgrade. An escape from the cramped middle seat to the majestic views of a window seat. But what happens when that coveted window is missing? One unlucky traveler paid extra money for a window seat on a flight only to find that the window was mysteriously absent!

Image Credit: @baconismadefromcats /Reddit

The passenger was left staring at a blank wall with no views to speak of. They were undoubtedly boiling with anger, wondering why they paid extra money for a seat with a view that didn’t exist. Was this some kind of cruel joke played by the airline?

Canine Fashion Sense

This dog made a bold statement in the world of high-end hats by chewing up a $300 Stetson belonging to an unlucky owner. Perhaps it was admiring its classic Western style or luxurious craftsmanship. Unfortunately, its love for the hat quickly turned destructive. 

Image Credit: @King_Baboon /Reddit

It used its teeth to create a new, modern take on the Stetson hat. This is another excellent example that serves as a reminder that even the most expensive and carefully-crafted fashion items are not immune to the whims of our furry friends. 

Mishap in Transit

A luxurious bottle of shampoo met its untimely demise, spilling its contents all over the inside of a shipping box. The shampoo, which had been eagerly anticipated by its recipient, had been carefully packaged and shipped with high hopes for its arrival.

Image Credit: @hathcoast23 /Reddit

However, upon opening the box, the recipient was met with a messy, sudsy surprise. The product had apparently suffered damage in transit, its contents soaking the cardboard box. Now even we will think twice before buying shampoo or any liquid-based products online!

Les Paul Guitar Tragedy

In a Rock&Roll nightmare come true, a Les Paul guitar tragically suffered a broken neck, leaving its owner feeling like they’d been playing a sad, sad song. The guitar, an undoubtedly cherished possession, had been pampered and worshiped like a god of music. 

Image Credit: @chupathingy99 /Reddit

But alas, the guitar’s neck snapped like a twig, leaving its owner with a tuneless instrument and a broken heart. They are now left to wonder how to fix their beloved guitar, hoping that the repair bill won’t cost them an arm and a leg (or a guitar pick and a guitar string). 

Blocked View From An Expensive Hotel

Imagine you’ve saved up your hard-earned cash for months to splurge on a fancy hotel room with a stunning view of the city skyline. You check in, eagerly make your way to your room, and open the curtains only to find your view completely blocked by a monstrous, ugly building next door.

Image Credit: @stargazedstoner /Reddit

Your heart sinks as you realize you’ve splurged on a brick wall! You can’t help but wonder what kind of cruel joke fate is playing on you. Eventually, you console yourself by thinking of all the other amenities the hotel has to offer. However, deep down, you know nothing can make up for this disappointment. 

Where Is The Wick? 

Oh, the irony of receiving an expensive candle as a gift only to discover that it doesn’t have a wick! Your excitement builds as the luxurious gift is unwrapped, the beautiful packaging giving way to the promise of heavenly scents and a warm glow. But upon closer examination, something seems amiss.

Image Credit: @slipperyslope89 /Reddit

There’s no wick! The expensive candle is nothing more than a glorified paperweight. Who wants a candle that can’t even be lit? Perhaps the solution is to stare at it longingly, imagining the inviting fragrance that could have been. Or maybe a creative solution can be found through a DIY wick. 

$100 Gift Card

Oh, the joys of having a dog! You come home one day, excited to use that $100 Amazon gift card you got from a friend, only to find it in pieces on the floor. Your dog, with a smug look on its face, seems to be enjoying the aftermath of its latest adventure.

Image Credit: @lifestrikes /Reddit

It’s hard to be angry at them, though, as their adorable puppy eyes stare up at you, begging for forgiveness. But the reality of the situation sets in. This was your ticket to finally purchasing that new gadget you’d been eyeing for weeks. Sadly, now it’s nothing more than a pile of plastic scraps.

$150 Racquet Tragedy

A local badminton player was devastated to discover that the $150 racquet he had purchased the week before was now completely useless. The culprit? His own friend. During a doubles match, a badminton player loaned their $150 racquet to their friend.

Image Credit: @RishdaFish08 /Reddit

Unfortunately, during the game, the friend collided with their partner’s racquet, causing visible damage to the expensive racquet. The owner was disappointed, as they had only just bought it. Sadly, now it had a small crack and a slight warp in the frame, rendering it unusable.

Expensive Face Oil

A new bottle of expensive face oil has met its untimely downfall. The cause? None other than gravity itself, as the bottle fell and broke, spilling the precious oil all over. As the contents spilled, the owner was left with a sinking feeling in their stomach. 

Image Credit: @SanFranPeach /Reddit

They could practically hear the sound of money being flushed down the drain. One could argue that they could salvage the oil by scooping up as much of it as possible. However, if they are a hygiene freak, then it’s more advisable to make do with a less pricey alternative.