Americana Postcards: Exploring The Charms of 35+ Small Towns Throughout The USA

By Sachin p

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The USA hosts many large cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami. However, if you’re not a fan of the concrete jungle, bright lights, and crowded areas, you might be happier going to towns smaller in size and population that are just as charming. These places conjure images of a peaceful evening lounging on the porch or a day spent climbing picturesque mountains.

Residents treat you like family and are more than happy to bring you to places with the most breathtaking scenery in the country. While large American cities are undoubtedly high on tourists’ list of places to visit, there are lesser-known communities with a population of less than 10,000 that are just as exciting, surprising, and utterly delightful. The next time you plan a vacation, keep these locations in mind.

Magnolia Springs – Alabama

With fewer than 800 residents at the time of the most recent consensus, Magnolia Springs is undoubtedly among the least populated communities on this list. Locals even offer a river mail delivery service to individuals with mailboxes on the water.

J. Stephen Conn / Flickr

Gorgeous coastlines abound in this region, providing excellent angling, parasailing, and dolphin-watching opportunities. Or else, you could stroll on the beach. If you’re in the city, try the nearby Wash House restaurant for a succulent seafood meal.

Sitka – Alaska

Sitka is situated close to Juneau, the state’s capital. It faces the Pacific Ocean and is at the base of the mountains. The city has impressive panoramas plus a lengthy history. Remember to sample some tasty fish chowder at the family-run Halibut Point.

Get a room at the nearby Longliner Lodge to wake up to spectacular views of Mount Edgecumbe. Sitka can only be accessed by boat or airplane and was famously featured in the Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds movie, The Proposal.

Sedona – Arizona

If you consider yourself a spiritual person, Sedona is just the place for you. The energy vortexes present here lure tourists from every corner of the world. The breathtaking scenery is something to see at least once, and if you fancy adventure and action, there are plenty of things to do.

Tomas Castelazo / Wikimedia Commons

Aside from off-roading, there are lots of hiking paths and rock-climbing opportunities. Additionally, if you want a birds-eye view of the area, we suggest taking one of the chopper tours. The expensive price tag is worth every penny spent.

Eureka Springs – Arkansas

This community is included on the National Register of Historic Places because it has a wonderful collection of cabins and cottages tucked away in the Ozark Mountains. If you like fishing, you will have a blast because the White River runs across the city’s center.

MRHSfan | Flickr

Antique stores and art galleries are all over town. Frequent events like jazz and art festivals take place throughout the year. Remember to visit the Promised Land Animal Park, where numerous rare and endangered species worldwide are housed. It’s safe to say that Eureka Springs is abuzz with activity no matter the season.

Ouray – Colorado

Ouray’s slower way of life may be attributed to the area’s hot springs and breathtaking mountain scenery. Such vistas can help you gain a fresh outlook on things. Ouray is called the “Switzerland of America” due to its proximity to the San Juan Mountain range.

ohiofamilyadventures / Instagram

Named after Chief Ouray of the local Ute Indians, the summits of the San Juan mountain range encircle the town on three and a half sides, so you’ll see peaks wherever you look. If your stomach is rumbling, visit locally-owned eateries and businesses serving delicious eats.

Noank – Connecticut

Compared with Mystic, this traditional settlement is less congested. It has a charming ambiance thanks to its avenues lined with trees and waterfront vistas. You can feel the fresh sea air on your face as you browse or shop in one of the many local boutiques.

Suandsoe / Wikimedia Commons

This small town, which has a long history of angling, lobstering, and boat construction, is home to a compact population of gorgeous historic residences and neighborhood businesses situated on a narrow, high peninsula at the mouth of the Mystic River.

New Castle – Delaware

New Castle, which has an estimated population of just over 5,280, is a little town on the Delaware River. It’s located less than seven miles from Wilmington. Visitors are reminded of the town’s historic origins by its brick buildings and cobblestone walkways.

Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr

On your journey to the First State National Historical Park, stop by the Amstel House. It was constructed in the 1700s by the wealthiest landowner in town. The Terry House Bed & Breakfast in New Castle won’t disappoint those looking for fantastic accommodation.

Surfside – Florida

Surfside is referred to as the “uptown beach town.” This is the place if you enjoy Miami’s architecture but prefer to avoid crowds. It has a laid-back atmosphere and is close to the beach, perfect for young families with kids who like frolicking on the sand.

Alexf / Wikimedia Commons

Residents use the various perks of living in such a place, like practicing yoga on the shoreline. There are also enjoyable activities like monthly community picnics on the sand. Wandering by the hotels that line the coastline is also a pleasant pastime.

Helen – Georgia

The town’s cobbled sidewalks and structures are reminiscent of the Bavarian style. It has numerous German eateries, ice cream parlors, and various retailers. Beer drinker or not, Oktoberfest is something to look forward to if you’re in the vicinity in the fall.

Mike Gonzalez / Wikimedia Commons

Why not stay in this tiny municipality designed to offer you a taste of German life? Saves you a trip to Europe! This region also boasts lovely hiking routes, tubing, whitewater rafting, and zip-lining for the daring throughout the warmer months.

Maui, Pa’ia – Hawaii

If you visit Hawaii’s Maui region, you must stop by Pa’ia. Famous for its pristine white beaches, the town, which has a long history as a plantation, is now home to numerous surf and candy stores and countless eateries, art galleries, and apparel shops.

Jim Mullhaupt / Flickr

One of the top stores in the neighborhood for both men and women is Simmer Hawaii. For an iced latte, visit Paia Bay Coffee. Drop by Mama’s Fish House to sample some flavorful regional seafood if you want a more substantial offering that will leave you asking for seconds.

Ketchum – Idaho

The first chairlift in history was built here, and it consistently ranks among the top ski communities in Idaho for visitors and residents. One of the town’s most popular events is the Wagon Days Parade which features the original Lewis Ore Wagons.

Frank Kovalchek / Flickr

The Limelight Hotel on Main Street has stunning views from every room, so check out the place if you want to wake up to beautiful scenery. Afterward, go to Kneadery to enjoy a Peach Bellini and satisfy your cravings for a home-cooked meal.

Galena – Illinois

Galena is a small town 15 miles east of Iowa and eight miles south of Wisconsin. It’s nicknamed “The City That Time Forgot” because of its unique vibe. The town’s oldest residence, Belvedere, continues to draw crowds from all over the country.

Jasperdo / Flickr

The mansion is over 5,000 square feet in size and has 22 rooms. Root beer fans should take advantage of Root Beer Revelry’s incredible assortments, all guaranteed to please. Afterward, visit Fritz and Frites to enjoy mouthwatering French and German food.

Nashville – Indiana

About 40 miles away from Indianapolis is the township of Nashville, Indiana. Brown County State Park is one of the most visited places, with picturesque landscapes and great hiking. The Out of the Ordinary restaurant, located on Van Buren Street, is a tourist hotspot too.

J. Stephen Conn / Flickr

It provides comfy seating and mouthwatering staples, including its renowned ‘wild game feast sandwich.’ There are also several tiny shops selling delectable fudge. Drop by Bear Wallow Distillery after your meal for authentic moonshine. The brewery is renowned for its unique Indiana Spirits.

Winterset – Iowa

In Iowa’s Madison County, Winterset is famous for its covered bridges and for being the birthplace of John Wayne, the legendary American actor. Many movies have been filmed in Winterset; the town even holds an annual Covered Bridge Festival in the second week of October.

Guimir / WC

When you arrive, remember to visit the actor’s birthplace, which has been turned into a museum. The Covered Bridge Inn is one of the most sought-after accommodations in the area due to its proximity to the famed covered bridges of Madison County.

Abilene – Kansas

Rich in cultural heritage and history, Abilene has a lot of things to offer. Former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower spent his childhood in Abilene, Kansas, and his boyhood home, which has been converted into a library and a museum, is one of the town’s most visited places.

The All-Nite Images / Flickr

The Seelye Mansion is another attraction in Abilene that is worth seeing. Described as a time capsule, it was erected in 1905, and all 25 rooms have Thomas Edison lighting fixtures. All original furnishings purchased in the 1904 World’s Fair remain.

Grand Rivers – Kentucky

“The Village Between the Lakes” is home to stunning views, mouthwatering regional seafood, and fantastic hiking, bicycling, and sailing opportunities. If you don’t enjoy being in nature’s splendor, you may unwind at numerous spas or shop for souvenirs at stores nearby.

Facebook/Lighthouse Landing

Your pals can handle all the kayaking-related heavy work. Visit Dockers for delicious eggs Benedict or a heaping plate of fluffy pancakes topped with syrup for breakfast or brunch. Hoping for a more dinner-focused meal? Try the succulent, two-inch-thick pork chops at Patti’s 1880s Settlement. 

St. Francisville – Louisiana

St. Francisville is a suburb of Baton Rouge with less than 2,000 residents. It was established in 1807 and was named the Villa of St. Francis. A popular destination, it is renowned for its restored historic plantations and fantastic birdwatching opportunities attracting nature lovers and birding enthusiasts from all corners.

Bogdan Oporowski / Wikimedia Commons

If you’re searching for a fun museum, try the Louisiana State Penitentiary Museum. Once known as the country’s bloodiest prison, you can learn more about the history of the state’s penitentiary systems there. Before leaving town, you must get some barbeque at The Francis Smokehouse.

Kennebunkport – Maine

Maine has a particular town that distinguishes itself from the rest. No, it’s not Castle Rock and has no relation to Stephen King. Kennebunkport, which bills itself as “the place to be all year,” is a vacation destination with stunning beaches and exciting activities.

Tracy Lee Carroll / Flickr

Former President George Bush and his entire family frequently holiday at Walker’s Point Estate, the Bush family’s summer residence. Secret service agents patrol the estate’s gates, but if you manage to hire a boat and sail by, you can sneak in a peek.

Berlin – Maryland

The town of Berlin is located in Worcester County, Maryland. It is constantly rated as among the best places to live in. It was previously dubbed the “Coolest Small Town in America,” so don’t let the ancient architecture fool you into thinking it’s a dull antique village.

Philip N Young | Flickr

More than 50 establishments can be found in the Main Street retail area, in addition to a large number of restaurants, bakeries, and antique shops. With Ocean City only 10 miles away, you’ll have beaches and water sports to look forward to.

Edgartown – Massachusetts

Once a significant whaling point, the beautiful small community of Edgartown has an enviable location in Martha’s Vineyard. Famous people such as former President Barack Obama frequent the area. Expect carefully preserved historic houses and yachting events when you visit.

Visit every one of the lighthouses on the Edgartown tour to see some breathtaking views. If you’re in the area in June, make sure to swing by the Taste of the Vineyard event, where you can sample all the local cuisine’s best dishes and wines.

Saugatuck – Michigan

Even though Saugatuck is located in the region regarded as the “Bible Belt,” it is a trendy waterfront vacation community in West Michigan. Soak up the sun, frolic on the beach, and relax with a good book on one of its many beaches.

gbozik photography / Flickr

Of course, the magnificent Oval Beach remains the primary draw. There are many other things to see and do in the city, such as exploring the world-renowned culinary landscape. It’s a must to sample regional wines at the Fenn Valley Tasting Room.

Stillwater – Minnesota

Stillwater is the ideal destination if you’re seeking the perfect getaway. Over the summer, enjoy a gondola ride or a cruise on the river and drop by the various charming local stores to engage in activities like olive oil sampling.

James Luscher / Flickr

Stillwater has fantastic skiing, warm resort hotels, and villas throughout the winter. Additionally, the cuisine is always fabulous regardless of the season. Visit the Dock Café to enjoy some local, fresh seafood plus a nice bottle of wine.

New Albany – Mississippi

New Albany is within proximity to some fantastic hiking paths in the Appalachian Mountains. Visitors from all over the globe come to hike and cycle on the Tanglefoot Trail. Or the multitude of charming antique stores and inviting hotel options lure them here.

courthouselover / Flickr

Miss Sarah’s Inn and the Concord Inn Estate offer visitors an exceptional and endearing experience they won’t soon forget. Drop by Sugaree’s Bakery to sample their much talked about cake, aptly described as “famously moist, triple layer wonders” by the Food Network.

Weston – Missouri

The last census estimated that about 1,700 people live in Weston. The town is renowned for its Apple Festival, held annually for over 30 years during the first weekend of October. It draws big crowds of locals and tourists looking forward to various fall crafts, food, and activities.

Visit and browse in one of the many quaint shops and museums, sample the regional fare and craft cocktails in the various restaurants, bars, and cafes, and buy regional jewelry and heirloom art to take home. There is no dearth of things to see and do.

Whitefish – Montana

Among Montana’s top ski towns, Whitefish manages to reign supreme. It is located amid the Rocky Mountain region on 3,000 acres of undulating hills, with over a hundred trails. It draws tourists from around the nation, particularly people who appreciate outdoor sports.

Are you enjoying some time off from the slopes? Visit the Bonsai Brewing Project for a quick bite to eat, along with some classy beers. Not a beer fan? Head to Folklore for dessert and a good cup of joe to go with it.

Nebraska City – Nebraska

J. Sterling Morton, the man behind Arbor Day, was born and raised here. As a component within the Arbor Lodge State Historical Park and Arboretum, his house is now accessible to the general public. The home can be booked for exclusive use all year long.

NPS Staff / Wikimedia Commons

Self-guided tours are available during winter. When visiting the area, consider staying at The Lied Lodge. It has received Meetings MidAmerica’s award for the past six years as the top location for staying in the middle of the United States.

Minden – Nevada

Minden isn’t precisely what comes to mind when hearing the expression “Nevada small town.” As a result of its location on the boundary of a forest and a desert, its residential parts have roadways that are rather lush and quite generously tree-lined.

Jasperdo | Flickr

Because this is in Nevada, you have the option to gamble a little while staying at the Carson Valley Inn or enjoy the splendor of Topaz Lake State Park. While within reach of Sin City, why not try your luck out here too?

Meredith – New Hampshire

Boasting a stunning environment and attractions, Meredith draws tourists all year long. Due to its position on Lake Winnipesaukee, the atmosphere is particularly soothing. The lake is the ideal location for appreciating the great outdoors and is frequently ranked as the greatest in the state.

John Rosset | Flickr

Beautiful housing with exclusive balconies overlooking the lake is available at Church Landing at Mill Falls. You may also visit Hart’s Turkey Farm for a comforting turkey meal with stuffing plus mashed potatoes. It’s the best place to visit if you’re in the mood for some home-cooked comfort food.

Cape May – New Jersey

Among the country’s earliest resort communities, Cape May is recognized for its breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic Ocean. The region was ranked among the best ten coastlines in the nation by Travel Channel. It’s definitely a place for beach lovers and sun worshippers.

Smallbones / Wikimedia Commons

A fantastic dining and hotel experience awaits you at the Peter Shields Inn. This venue features fireplaces, seaside views, and an acclaimed restaurant by Executive Chef Carl Messick. Luxury seafood classics like Maine lobster and grilled scallops are some of the stars on the menu.

Taos – New Mexico

Taos, situated amid the Sangre de Cristo mountains, provides visitors with all-year-long enjoyment with its outstanding ski area and biking and hiking routes. It boasts stunning scenery, mouthwatering Mexican cuisine, and a peek into Native American culture. The multi-storied adobe homes are a sight to behold.

_blueeyedwanderer_ / Instagram

The La Cueva Café is where you will discover several of the finest chimichangas and enchiladas in the vicinity. It offers more authentic food than anywhere else in the neighborhood. Taos is home to excellent museums, namely the Millicent Rogers and Kit Carson Museums.

Cooperstown – New York

Cooperstown is also home to The National Baseball Hall of Fame. Outdoorsy individuals will also enjoy the location, particularly in wintertime. Stay in one of the numerous hotels or cottages near the lake. Go for the complete experience while in the area.

mpburrows / Flickr

Consider camping instead of staying in a hotel. Even if you don’t have any passion for sports, Cooperstown has lots to keep you occupied. If you’ve decided to settle in for the night, lodging at The Inn at Cooperstown provides you with the whole small-town experience.

Beaufort – North Carolina

Carteret County’s Beaufort has been mentioned numerous times in various sources. The region was appropriately dubbed “America’s Favorite Town” by Travel & Leisure. It is known for its beautiful shores and laid-back vibe. Experience outstanding Southern friendliness by booking a room at the Langdon House B&B.

Carl Griffith / Wikimedia Commons

While you’re in North Carolina, remember to take a trip along the Crystal Coast. Only a few miles apart, Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach are fantastic destinations for fun activities and attractions. The area is loved by second-home owners and tourists.

Healdsburg – California

California has something for everyone, and Healdsburg, in particular, has a certain allure. Tucked away in Sonoma County’s wine region, this small community took the best parts of all small towns and put all of them in the midst of a forest.

smilla4 | Flickr

Healdsburg is beautiful in all aspects. Lanes lined with trees ideal for strolling are all over town. Neighborhood stores, restaurants, wine cellars, marketplaces, historic inns, and one of California’s most recognizable breweries can all be found here.

Garrison – North Dakota

Garrison is a small town with a lot to offer. It is close to Lake Sakakawea and has excellent angling opportunities and other related activities. Even if swimming in the lake isn’t your cup of tea, there are other ways of enjoying your day.

ND Parks and Recreation Department / Flickr

Nicknamed the “Walleye Capital of the World,” Garrison offers breathtaking scenery and mouthwatering fried fish to satisfy your taste buds. The Custer Mine Interpretive Site is an excellent place for history fans to go and learn about the era of coal mining days in Garrison.

Marietta – Ohio

Since its settlement in the 1780s, Marietta has become a popular destination for residents and its Midwestern neighbors. The town, known for being rich in history, organizes a “Hidden Marietta” trip that takes guests to the locations of all the vice dens.

Mike / Flickr

You should not require your car back until it’s time to check out because there’s so much to see and do. There are many inviting restaurants, bars, as well as stores to pick from as you stroll down the river before entering the old town.

Turner Falls – Oklahoma

Turner Falls, the highest in the state, is located in this region. Numerous recreational opportunities abound in the state park where the waterfalls are situated, including excellent walking and bike trails, swimming, kayaking, and various other water sports.

.sanden. / Flickr

To be in the thick of the action, book a cabin near Turner Falls. Alternatively, go to Echo Canyon Manor if you seek more opulent and luxurious lodging. Make sure to pick up a fried pie at Arbuckle Mountain before leaving the city.

Cannon Beach – Oregon

What comes to mind when Oregon is mentioned? Most folks won’t conjure images of a stunning shoreline, but Oregon is home to Cannon Beach, a beautiful beach town. The third-largest monolith in the world, Haystack Rock, can also be found in Cannon Beach.

Abhinaba Basu / Wikimedia Commons

It draws tourists from all around the United States. Along with stunning vistas and beach walks, the region is home to a number of the top art galleries in the country. Additionally, Seaside, another of Oregon’s most popular cities, is only a short drive away!

New Hope – Pennsylvania

The arts have a long history in the traditional town of New Hope. It has long drawn artists who adored the Delaware River’s majestic beauty. Major Hollywood stars such as Grace Kelly to Audra McDonald have all graced the stage at the Bucks County Playhouse.

Wally Gobetz / Flickr

The venue is still a great place to catch a performance. Although many locals are originally from New York City, they love the picturesque small town and find no compelling reason to travel outside of the community for a fun night out.

Jamestown – Rhode Island

Jamestown, located on Conanicut Island, is renowned for its stunning coastal vistas. Travel by boat or ferry past the well-known three-and-a-half-story Clingstone “House on the Rocks.” Make sure to visit the Watson Farm for an additional scoop on local history.

renagrisa | Flickr

A number of local eateries, like Chompist Charlie’s, offer delectable New England seafood. You might fancy spending the night working as a lighthouse keeper at the historic Rose Island Lighthouse in Newport. It was built in 1870 and is nearby.

Beaufort – South Carolina

South Carolina’s Beaufort is renowned for its fascinating history and beautiful coastlines. Downtown, the state’s second-oldest city, is teeming with antebellum homes and artifacts from the region’s past. A relaxing stay is exactly what weary travelers can look forward to.

Henry de Saussure Copeland / Flickr

The five-star Anchorage 1770 is the best hotel in the neighborhood if you’re searching for one. You will be given a room in an 18th-century home close to the well-known Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, paired with the Southern hospitality this area is famous for.

Spearfish – South Dakota

Nearly 10,000 people live in the town of Spearfish. Visitors come to the region from every part of the country to enjoy a variety of outdoor pursuits. These include ATV rides, trekking, kayaking, and riding. Of course, a visit to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a must.

Maciej Ciupa | Flickr

Mount Rushmore needs little introduction as it is renowned throughout the world. After you’ve gone into the Badlands and seen the sights, the town also provides a ton of interesting shops, like the Prairie Mermaid Boutique and the Badlands Trading Post.

Gatlinburg – Tennessee

The quaint town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is just beyond Knoxville, in the middle of the Smoky Mountains. The region is lovely all year round, but during autumn, when all the foliage change colors, it is exceptionally breathtaking. You have to be there to see it.

Mountain Vacation Resorts / Wikimedia Commons

There are lots of family-friendly excursions in Gatlinburg. Also, many activities are available at the Great Smoky National Park, such as the SkyLift, which takes passengers directly across the mountains for breathtaking vistas. Additionally, the BBQ is renowned for being particularly good here.

Marfan – Texas

The beautiful surroundings of Marfan make it the nicest tiny town in Texas. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate exploring the area on foot and having fun in the lake. Additionally, numerous distinguished vineyards are waiting for you to visit.

Jonathan Cutrer | Flickr

Additionally, Marble Falls offers a few fantastic dining and retail options. There are various types of art establishments and delectable treats to choose from on Main Street. Additionally, you can find Choccolatte’s there, home of the tastiest English toffee you’ll ever taste.

Moab – Utah

Even if you’re not a morning person, you won’t complain about waking up in the wee hours for a trip across Arches National Park. It’s the ideal way to experience the beauty of Moab’s red rock canyons. In fact, this small Western town’s parkland is undoubtedly its best feature.

Ken Lund / Flickr

A wide variety of shops, eateries, and pubs are abound in the region. If you crave something savory on your journey to the next climb, stop by the Quesadilla Mobilla food truck along Main Street to enjoy a delicious Mexican meal.

Woodstock – Vermont

No, we are not referring to the music festival that has long been held in New York. We are talking about a lovely town in Vermont. The presence of magnificent year-round countryside, as well as the quaint local small businesses, have continuously attracted tourists and visitors to Woodstock.

newengland_igers | Instagram

The town’s welcoming atmosphere embraces guests while preserving its local identity. The annual Lobster on the Green, an event with live music that draws people from all over the country, is an excellent opportunity for visitors to get to know the locals better.

Middleburg – Virginia

Middleburg was founded in 1787, not long after the end of the American Revolutionary War. It continues to have a small-town feel with a strong sense of community. Middleburg, renowned as the “Horse and Hunt” capital, is a little town with plenty of luxury.

Ron Cogswell / Flickr

Residents have the option of highly regarded restaurants and luxurious shops in this community, located in the picturesque countryside at the base of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. The renowned Salamander Resort & Spa provides a fantastic getaway for folks seeking pampering.

Leavenworth – Washington

During the holiday season, Leavenworth transforms into a giant tourist trap. The village, concealed deep among the forested mountains of central Washington pulls out all the stops during the holidays. What better introduction to Leavenworth that its Nutcracker Museum.

Jasperdo / Flickr

But if you visit at a different time of year, you’ll see a genuinely alpine wonderland frequently overlooked in the summer by tourists who’d much rather be near the beach. After the throng has thinned out, you’ll find this Bavarian Brigadoon even more enchanting.

Berkeley Springs – West Virginia

On the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, tucked within the very center of the Appalachians, is a community that some individuals describe as “almost heaven.” Berkeley Springs is the ideal place to relax because it is surrounded by gorgeous natural scenery and thermal waters.

fishfoot / Flickr

Start by going to Cacapon Resort State Park, which offers 6,000 acres of space for biking, hiking, golfing, pony riding, and more. After a day packed full with activities, you can unwind at the Roman bath house or mineral spa at Berkeley Springs.

Chippewa Falls – Wisconsin

Chippewa Falls has a more pleasant and tranquil atmosphere than its neighbor, Eau Claire. The famous Hickory Ridge Mountain bike trail, the county’s 40 public boat landings, and the roughly one hundred adjacent lakes for fishing will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts.

Doug Kerr / Flickr

County Highway X is bordered by pubs, dining establishments, and supper clubs boasting breathtaking panoramas of the lake on the southern end of Lake Wissota. Do you really need any more reasons to plan your next trip to Chippewa Falls?

Jackson – Wyoming

Jackson is a magnificent place for outdoor pursuits because of the surrounding mountains. Horseback riding, paddling, angling, whitewater rafting, and hot-air ballooning are popular summer activities. Additionally, it’s the ideal location for snowboarding and skiing during winter.

Jeff Gunn / Flickr

U.S. News ranked the region as the second-best tiny town in the country. Visit Gun Barrel Steak & Game House to try their delectable prime rib or tenderloin medallions. It’s going to be a supper that will delight your palate.