Bumps In The Night: Moms-to-Be Cooking Up Some Halloween Magic

By Liezel L

This article was originally published on withmyladies

When you’re pregnant, and it’s Halloween, costumes are probably the last thing that any mom-to-be wants to deal with. Regular day-to-day clothing to go out can already pose somewhat of a challenge, especially with that big baby bump getting bigger every day, so finding non-scandalous costumes sounds like a hassle. But really, pregnancy shouldn’t stop anyone from having some well-deserved fun.

In fact, we think that pregnant women have more opportunities than regular folk when it comes to Halloween costumes. For one, they have that pregnancy glow about them. And two, their baby bumps actually give them an advantage with just a little bit of creativity and unique styling.

Just take a look at the amazing women on our list. They absolutely used those huge baby bumps to their advantage without spending too much, and they’re definitely killing it. They’re proof that Halloween is still for everyone.

The Classic 

If you’ve watched enough horror films in your life, you’d have probably seen that one scene where some creature bursts out of a person’s chest. Alien may have started it, but other films took the idea on board. And it’s the perfect costume for a pregnant lady like this one here. 

image courtesy of oskee_wow_wow/ Reddit

It’s a little bit graphic and might terrify some kids, but hey, it’s Halloween. It’s all about the scares, so you got to go all out. This lady and her husband did a terrific job. And, well, the image isn’t far off, either. Sometimes, babies can be little monsters.

Guac Anyone?

An avocado. Who would’ve thought that of all the fruits, avocado would be one of the pregnant women’s perfect Halloween costumes? It’s such a simple costume but oh, it’s one of the best uses we’ve seen for that baby bump. 

image courtesy of jennifer.ingle/ Instagram

If you’re going to be an avocado, though, you really have to sell it. And we got to say; this woman is rocking it. Her costume may be simple, but it’s her facial expression — and prop — that’s winning it for us.

“I See A Child Of Destiny In Your Future”

Having a huge weight on the front side of your body doesn’t really make it easy to walk around on Halloween. So, if you’re going to sit down all night, why not dress up in a role that does exactly that?

image courtesy of babyprepping/ Instagram

This woman, for instance, had the right idea when she decided she was going to use her round belly as her crystal ball. Not only does she already have her future there, but who knows? Maybe the baby can give her a hint or two about others’ futures as well.

That’s Got To Be One Precious Pearl

Now, this costume is just adorable. Not only is it a great ensemble, but it also holds some kind of pure symbolism. The baby is like a pearl, precious, and should be well taken care of, no matter the age, so it always shines. 

image courtesy of pbase.com

It could also be a hint about the baby’s name if they’re going to name it Pearl or something like that. We love the red bucket touch, too! It’d be even funnier if there were some real oysters in there. Overall, it’s practical and pulls the piece together.

The Dedication Of This Team Is Amazing

One of the downsides of being pregnant is that you can’t join in on drinking games. When that gets you down, you need great friends or even great coworkers to keep your spirits up and save you from your own misery. As it seems for these pregnant ladies, they have that.

image courtesy of kahoku22/ Instagram

It’s absolutely adorable how they made the costume a team effort and they’re totally pulling it off. Everyone needs teammates like these. And if they had the best costume content, they should have won that one because the dedication is just perfect.

Coming In Hot!

This costume is a sure winner. Why? Not only is it creative but well, it paints an accurate picture of what’s to come once the baby wants out of the womb. Not to scare all the future moms out there, but don’t tell us it’s not right.

image courtesy of imgur

Childbirth is not an easy thing. It can feel like your entire body is trying to flip you inside out a hundred times. Or it can feel like a solid wrecking ball is coming out of you. Do you see what makes this costume so on the nose?

Mike And Sully Reimagined

If you didn’t like Monster Inc., then maybe you’re the monster. Just kidding! We got to admit, that movie is an irreplaceable classic, and we’re never going to get tired of seeing costumes based on the characters, especially if they’re this creative.

image courtesy of bslinger/ Instagram

Who knew that the perfect way to get a Mike Wazowsky costume right was to put him on a baby bump? It has his perfect roundness, and no part of him is dipping in or crumpling. Plus that, Mike’s face looks perfectly happy on her tummy. It’s just adorable.

BB-8 (Baby-8) Costume

In the old days, people didn’t mind having six or ten kids. The more, the better. However, nowadays, those numbers would be pretty terrifying for anyone — kids and adults alike. That’s why we’re hoping this woman is kidding when she said that that was baby number 8. 

image courtesy of jmsmith7/ Imgur

Eight kids running around and begging for snacks at the same time and demanding to wear their siblings’ clothes seems pretty terrifying to us. But who knows? Maybe she’s one of those supermoms who were just born to be mothers. If that’s so, good on her.

Ask Again Later

A lot of people might say wearing black on Halloween is just overrated and even lazy, but if you can make it work as this lady did, then who’s stopping you? She just spruced up her LBD to make herself look like a magic 8 ball, and she’s perfect. 

image courtesy of todaymylove/ Instagram

We love how she added the answer triangle on her back, too. Now if someone asks her what the gender is, she can just point to her back. We just hope she doesn’t shake too much. She has precious cargo after all.

The Party Don’t Stop

Some people think that when you become a parent, you lose all the joy in life. But they can’t be any more wrong. Having a child only means that you get another plus one to have more fun with in life!

image courtesy of erincargile/ Instagram

Just take a look at this couple. They got the right idea, and by the looks of it, they’re already starting the fun. Their child is livening up the party and making their lives fun before it is even born.

Thor’s Stage Of Misery

We got to admit that depressed Thor didn’t have the best look. We all felt for the guy and we all knew he deserved better. And while not many would want to copy his look back then, this lady did it anyway and nailed it.

image courtesy of chloeebisty/ Instagram

She looks just like Thor! And the best part is that it’s obvious her costume didn’t take much. She might’ve spent a few dollars on the wig and the hammer, but everything else could have been pulled out of her or her husband’s closet. Amazing but practical!

Adorable Gum Ball Machine That Pops Babies

As kids, many of us loved gumball machines. We would beg our parents for change just to get some of those yummy treats. And, of course, we’d try to shove as much of it in our mouths as we could. That’s probably why we immediately feel joy upon seeing this costume. 

image courtesy of glamber007/ Instagram

The beret is the perfect touch. It looks just like the cap on those machines! It’s just adorable. What can we say? Manufacturers of maternity wear could even incorporate this into their design, and we think many moms would actually like it.

Catch The Golden Snitch!

It’s so fun when a couple loves the same things because both parties can enjoy the movie, book, show, game, etc. Now you don’t need to do it alone; you can get the whole family involved. Take a look at this Harry Potter-loving couple, for instance.

image courtesy of b_runamacedo/ Instagram

There are so many things they could have dressed up as from the Harry Potter universe but the golden snitch just makes so much sense for that baby bump. Plus, it’s the perfect representative for that baby. You got to work hard for it but the rewards are bountiful!

The Ghost Baby

Many people would say that a baby bump couldn’t look terrifying. After all, it’s just a “big ball” and it’s a natural part of the human body. Then again, if it looks like it’s carrying the spawn of satan, it can look pretty horrifying.

image courtesy of imgur

This costume may look simple, but that took some effort. It’s not easy to make a mold like that. Though, we doubt the real baby inside her is trying to burst out of its mommy’s tummy like that. If it is, run!

Dodgers Forever!

Sports fans, especially Dodgers fans, would definitely be thrilled with this couple’s baseball Halloween costume set. It really shows how much they love the team, and as it seems they’re getting their baby into the sport very early on. You can never start too young, right?

image courtesy of reginavillano_/ Instagram

We got to admit, though, it’s quite unsettling having the bat there. Her tummy being the ball is enough. Couldn’t he have a glove instead to make less morbid thoughts pop into people’s minds? Just kidding! It’s a pretty good costume alright.

The Cutest Death Star Ever!

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you got to agree that this is the way to go. She really went all out and beyond portraying that epic space battle and using that baby bump. Seriously, the effort for this one is commendable.

image courtesy of YASSSSb***hYASSSS/ Imgur

We’re wondering if it comes with a mini Darth Vader inside. Or is it going to be as innocent Anakin, before all the messed-up stuff he did? We guess we’ll have to draw lots and wait until the baby grows old enough to show its potential before we’ll know. Good luck, mom!

Just Waiting For The Hatching

Have you ever had chickens or done one of those science projects where you incubated an egg and waited for it to hatch? Even if you didn’t, you get the idea. Though, without the experience, you might not understand how it feels as you wait for the moment when the chick finally hatches.

image courtesy of little_lady_smith/ Instagram

We guess this woman might have felt the same about her pregnancy. Nine months can feel so long for someone carrying that growing weight around. In consolation, though, she’s winning with that Halloween costume because it’s just awesome and very creative!


If you’re living and breathing everything that the digital age has to offer, why not make the most use of it, right? We’re not just talking about giving your home a tech upgrade. You can utilize the digital world in real life, as this woman did.

image courtesy of jlopez1984/ Instagram

She knows how to make the most out of her emojis. With just a long-sleeve purple shirt and naturally black hair, she had an instant Halloween costume! She has nailed the pregnancy emoji. Quite a genius outfit, don’t you agree?

Reality Check…Whoops!

People always talk about the wonders and magic of pregnancy and how fascinating it is that women can literally carry another life in their bodies. But people always tend to skirt around the “price tag” that comes with having a baby.

image courtesy of mrs.a.waite/ Instagram

From conception to college, those expenses add up. That’s why this costume is so on point. You got to have a lot saved up in the bank to last almost two decades. If only parents were given a money bag as heavy as the baby once it’s born. But well, we all gotta live in reality.

Insecurities, Who?

Many pregnant women wouldn’t want to be compared to Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head on account of their growing bellies, but this woman used that to her advantage. Because you know what? Screw insecurities. Pregnant women have a freaking human growing inside of them. 

image courtesy of nehajamnyc/ Instagram

So whether you want to compare them to the character or not, it won’t matter. This costume is a creative one and a sure winner of Halloween costumes for pregnant ladies. And no one can take that victory from this woman.

Hi Georgie, Wanna Float?

One of the most popular Halloween movie classics out there is It. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the original version or the remake, Pennywise the Clown is terrifying in all iterations and still doesn’t fail to give many people nightmares. And while this couple’s costume doesn’t exactly give that effect, it’s still pretty cute. 

image courtesy of kelseyaspen/ Instagram

We love how they didn’t just didn’t go for the clown look and that they really put focus on the balloon. That balloon holds so much meaning in the films and it’s the perfect use for a baby bump. Bravo!

Three Pointer!

By now, you might have seen the pattern of women using balls or ball-shaped objects for their costumes. And it makes sense, given the shape of a pregnant belly. They’re pretty good outfits, and with just a few accessories, mothers-to-be can have cool costumes.

image courtesy of evazaccaria/ Instagram

We don’t know if she’s a basketball fan, if she wants her child to become a basketball star one day, or if it was just a stroke of genius. Whatever the reason, it’s working for her. Let’s pretend it’s the victory shot that has got her team winning.

The Juno and Bleeker Story

If someone were to get pregnant, we wouldn’t say that the Juno and Bleeker story would be the best way to go about it. But well, we can’t really prevent every surprise like that. However, the costume version also looks great. 

image courtesy of hayleymelder/ Instagram

The couple got every detail right, even the hair and Juno’s striped shirt. If there was something we’d comment on, it would be the yellow shorts. Just make it a tinsy tiny bit shorter, and they’d be the perfect real-life Juno and Bleeker. 

Humpty Dumpty Hasn’t Cracked Yet

If you think about it, the Humpty Dumpty rhyme isn’t really as child-friendly as everyone thinks. It’s literally talking about a creature that falls, gets injured, and basically dies. When you put it in this context though, it’s not really so bad. 

image courtesy of catherinepep93/ Instagram

When you’re nine months in, can’t even see your feet anymore, and you try your best to shuffle to the bathroom before the pee gets ahead of you, you’d definitely want Humpty Dumpty to crack already to get it all over with.

A Willy Wonka Halloween

Aside from dressing up in fun costumes, you can’t deny that candy is a major part of Halloween. And what better way to combine those two aspects than with a Willy Wonka-inspired Halloween costume? The kids who’ll be knocking on this couple’s door will surely love it. 

image courtesy of ksuter14/ Instagram

We love how they didn’t spare any expense for the costume. From Wonka’s hat, coat, and cane to Violet’s blue onesie and the golden tickets, they really went above and beyond to get it right. And they definitely nailed it.

An Out Of This World Experience

Creating your own family and having children with the person you love is an experience not many people can describe in one word. Some might even say it’s an out-of-this-world experience. And as it seems, this couple is heavily leaning into that with their Halloween costume. 

image courtesy of sarashootingit/ Instagram

It might be that or they might just love traveling so much and they’re just waiting for their additional traveling companion to pop out and join them. Either way, it’s a pretty good concept and they pulled it off pretty well.

Blessed Be Thy Truth

Remember when some famous celebrities decided to celebrate Halloween by wearing Handmaid’s Tale costumes? Yeah, they got grilled badly for that. A lot of people didn’t appreciate them making light of the concepts in that series. This one kinda passes, though. 

image courtesy of jlopez1984/ Instagram

Maybe it’s the fact that she’s not making light of the costume and what it entails, or that she didn’t alter it to make it look too sexy that makes it passable for a great Halloween costume. Either way, she looks like she just did come out of Gilead.

Poppin’ Soon!

We had never thought of pregnant women and popcorn together before we saw this picture. We didn’t think they’d have anything to do with each other, but apparently, they’re a perfect match for people creative enough to bring them together. 

image courtesy of hamilton_rach/ Instagram

This couple is definitely a clever pair, and their popcorn concept costume is just amazing! What makes it work the most though is the tagline. It’s fun, goofy, and right to the point. Hopefully, the pop all goes well for them. 

Nacho Libre Maternity Wear

If you haven’t watched the film Nacho Libre yet, you’re missing out. The film centers around Jack Black as a Catholic friar and lucho libre fan who secretly moonlights as a luchador for the orphanage he works at. And it will make you laugh and cry all at the same time. 

image courtesy of I_Would_If_I_Were_Me/ Reddit and PURLiT/YouTube

This Halloween costume is a great tribute to it. Not only did they get the details of the outfit right, but she’s got the moves to go with it. That speaks of total dedication to the role and maybe a great love for that film and character.

Just Kind Of Eggy Preggy

Baby bumps always look so fragile. It’s like one little bump can crack them like they were eggs ready to be scrambled for a healthy breakfast. That’s what makes this costume so spot on, aside from the fact that it’s just adorable, of course. 

image courtesy of giovis02/ Instagram

If you think about it, babies started out as eggs — human eggs produced by mothers, of course. So the costume really isn’t far off from reality. It’s just a little bit brighter, more appetizing, and more fun to look at than real human egg cells.

Something’s Brewin’

Pregnancies are almost always good news for many people. It means a bigger family or a new person to love. Some people love a mystery, though and this costume is perfect inspiration for expectant mothers who are feeling some butterflies in their stomachs.

image courtesy of lil.tacoo/ Instagram

Just leaving it at “somethings brewing” rather than doing the full-fledged announcement and ceremonies allows expecting moms to keep their babies to themselves a little longer and to cherish their pregnancies as it is — without outside pressure. So maybe this costume has got a point. 

A Little Touch of Bob Ross

Many people loved Bob Ross for the way he made art so easy and accessible for everybody. Not to mention the way he soothed and boosted the confidence of his audience while he taught. As it seems, this couple was a huge fan, too. 

image courtesy of thecraftblog/ Instagram

Hopefully, they could just be like Bob Ross when teaching their child as it grows. And hopefully, their child can grow up to be one of those people like Bob Ross who inspires others. No pressure though. Do whatever makes the child happy.

Two Peas In A Pod Maybe?

If you’re not sure what these two pregnant ladies are, you’re not alone. The closes we can guess is that they’re two peas in a pod, which kind of makes sense. Also, if they were two peas in a pod, it would be kind of genius. 

image courtesy of bella.and.sophie/ Instagram

As it is though, there’s more to the story here. Apparently, one of the ladies was ditched by her husband to go to a concert so said lady invited her pregnant friend, and they chose to go as this. They even won the best couple costume award!

A Little Bit Of Foreshadowing

We have another lady doing the wrecking ball costume, and this time, it’s not the Miley Cyrus kind. It’s the real deal, with the tractor and everything. But despite her costume, this woman is hoping that her baby isn’t a wrecking ball. 

image courtesy of sans_sansevere/ Instagram

That has got to be every pregnant woman’s wish. Nobody wants to lie in pain in a hospital bed for hours on end, feeling every nerve fiber in their body on fire. No. Women just want easy deliveries so they can enjoy their children a lot sooner.

Oh Yeah!

We’ve seen a few Kool-Aid man costumes, but they’re usually just a dude dressed in a red suit. This is, without a doubt, the most clever iteration yet. Someone’s creativity reached its peak, and this is what they came up with — and we’re loving it!

image courtesy of Reddit

With this costume, the mother is sure to be one-of-a-kind wherever she goes. She’ll be the life of the party and a strong contender for the town’s Halloween costume contest. We also have to commend her for her fantastic crafting skills. Well done!

Meow Wow!

Why do people always expect cat costumes to be all sexy and alluring? Seline Kyle, you messed it up for everyone! Cats aren’t always like that. Take a look at Garfield. We need more of the other varieties of cats on the field, like this adorable feline. 

image courtesy of _heather.danielle/ Instagram

That ball of yarn is a very nice touch and makes it more irresistible to touch the baby bump (with permission, of course). And at least she didn’t go full Cats movie kind of cat get-up. That would have been worrying and horrifying.

The Willy Wonka Family Proudly Presents

It seems like Willy Wonka is a popular costume option for pregnant couples, and honestly, who could blame them? The characters from that movie are all beloved and they’re just classics. Plus, it’s pretty fun to dress up as them. 

image courtesy of angelascheiderich/ Instagram

You’d get to play real dress up, and you’d really have to put in the effort for the clothes and the makeup. Otherwise, you’re not really Willy Wonka. This family nailed that look. It’s also adorable how they pulled the whole family in!

Krang, Shredder, and Master Splinter All In One

If you don’t know these characters, then you might be a little too young. But if you are familiar with them, well, you’re just the right age. Don’t worry. Nobody will be judging you or this couple for what they like.

image courtesy of emmyedgy/ Instagram

If that’s the perfect Halloween set for them and something they’d want their child to see in the future, then, why not, right? They’ve done the costumes pretty well, and they do actually look cool, even though their dog looks like it doesn’t think so.

Adorable Snoopy Bump

Simple, clever, and effective — this woman makes thinking of Halloween costumes look so easy. Just look at how laid-back yet adorable her costume is. It looks like it didn’t even take much effort! Just a white shirt, some felt, and a black marker.

image courtesy of costume-works

By the looks of it, she also knows her audience. People of all ages love Snoopy, and for those who aren’t familiar with the character’s stories, the dog is just too adorable to resist anyway. So this pregnant lady is winning over everyone with that costume.

What a Sweetie Pie

Candies are essential to Halloween. The spooky season just won’t do without them. There are no specifics on where to find the candy, though, and for this lady, she chose to put her candy on her belly rather than in it.

image courtesy of kellymiyahara/ Reddit

With just a little cellophane, some ribbon, and some wrapping paper, she made her baby extra sweet. And well, no one’s complaining. After all, plenty of people think that babies are just the sweetest so the comparison isn’t far off.

A Champion’s Breakfast

Eggs, toast, and avocado — we could have that breakfast any day. It’s such a basic thing to eat, but once you start on them, you will never get enough, just like how we can’t get enough of this adorable family photo.

image courtesy of thelanline/ Instagram

They didn’t want to go with just the avocado — that’s so old — so they got the whole breakfast spread. We got to admit though that the real star of the show is their pup. Just look at that smile. That furry face can melt millions of hearts.

Let’s Get Baking!

This woman is probably winning at life right now. Just look at her costume! How can she not be succeeding at everything with that? It’s so simple and yet it’s so genius! We bet almost every pregnant woman out there with white tracksuits can pull it off.

image courtesy of chelsea_spears15/ Instagram

And if you’re wondering, yes, that’s the Pillsbury doughboy, someone you’ve probably watched a hundred times in your life in commercials but never really paid any special attention to. Well, now’s the time because that costume is living! Talk about having one in the oven.

Mrs. Carter On Her Way To Shock The World With Her Baby Bump

Celebs are pretty common inspirations for Halloween costumes, and yet pregnant celebs don’t often make the cut. And why not? Celeb pregnancies or their first time in public showing off their baby bumps are special moments the world always looks toward. 

image courtesy of kelsie_chandler_/ Instagram

This woman has the right idea right here. She looks every bit as sassy, confident, and blooming as Beyoncé did on her way to the VMAs where she announced to the world that she and her husband were expecting their first child.

E.T. Walking The Earth

One of the amazing things about children is their ability to teleport you into their fantastic made-up worlds where everything is just possible. As it seems, this mother is practicing for all that imagination and playing with her kid before it arrives. 

image courtesy of Pinterest

It looks like she’s doing a very good job at it because of how creative her costume is. Her kids would definitely be delighted to have a mom as resourceful and creative as her. And they’ll probably have the best of times making many memories.

Release The Mummy!

Who says expectant mothers can’t be mummies? It shouldn’t be an exclusive costume and we’re glad this woman is joining the mummy club. Better yet, she’s utilizing her baby bump to make it a unique costume. Check out this classy mummy mommy:

image courtesy of katiegonano/ Instagram

The best part though is that she has already given birth, and her child went as a dragon for his first Halloween. As it seems, he’s already getting his tastes from his mom and you know what? It’s just right that he does because his mom rocks.