Ghoul Gourmet: 45 Fiendish Feasts For A Haunting Halloween

By Arvyn B

This article was originally published on myfryingpan

Halloween is one of the best times of the year for a party. You’re able to see all your friends and family dressed up in crazy outfits, watch scary movies, and of course, eat plenty of delicious candy and snacks! There is a whole range of different foods to choose from that you can either buy or make yourself for the perfect ghostly Halloween party. The possibilities are endless, from cake filled with blood-like food coloring to cookies shaped like creepy crawly spiders- the “scare” is your oyster. And, of course, there is always the classic pumpkin that needs a facelift.  But where do you start? It can be overwhelming trying to nail down the best options for your spooky party. Here are just some of the best examples of Halloween-themed food that will suit any ghoulish gathering. Watch out – some of them might be too creepy to eat!

Planchette Cookies

One of the most iconic symbols of all things spooky and Halloween is an Ouija board. If you didn’t know, it’s a special board that supposedly allows you to communicate with spirits and demons. The moving piece is called a ‘planchette.’

Image courtesy of opusEP19/Reddit

However, we have to admit that there is nothing too scary about these cookies. In fact, they look absolutely delicious! They are made from buttercream and homemade jam. If only all haunting objects could be as cute as these!

Pumpkin Soup

Okay, so this one is not really pumpkin soup. It is a carrot and ginger soup with black sesame seeds and cardamom cream. But you would be forgiven for making this mistake since it looks like a jack-o’-lantern!

Image courtesy of dvart/Reddit

The story behind this recipe is that this user worked as a ‘soup guy’ at a pretty fancy restaurant. The head chef allowed them to give out the soup like this to guests on Halloween. We’d be so thrilled if this were presented to us on All Hallows’ Eve!

Creepy Coffee

There’s nothing better than having a soothing cup of joe early in the morning. As soon as that bitter taste enters your mouth, it feels like everything is right in the world. But we wouldn’t be pleased with this cup!

Image courtesy of theearthgoddess/Reddit

Of course, it is just a couple of ice cubes shaped like a skull and crossbones. If you are having a kid’s party, try putting them in a strawberry-flavored drink. They will look like they are floating in blood!

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Here is one for those with a sweet tooth out there. Chocolate-covered strawberries are a delicious treat at any time of the year, but these Halloween ones are perfect for the 31st of October. There are so many designs to choose from!

Image courtesy of locals***lord/Reddit

There’s a white chocolate strawberry that looks like it is coated in blood. There is also one that looks like a mummy. You’ve even got a strawberry with a skull on it and some that seem to be oozing blood. Amazing!

Sweet Spider

This one looks more terrifying than it does delicious. This user gave a shot at making edible art, and it doesn’t look like it’s their first time. We’re pretty sure that this was a perfect success. Just take a look at how realistic this gigantic spider is!

Image courtesy of RewRiteart/Reddit

If we saw this cake at a party, we’d definitely be screaming on the inside, and we reckon that most people would be too scared even to take a bite of it at first. Thankfully, it’s just icing and cake mix, so it is definitely edible.

We all float down here…

It is a fact – Stephen King is a master horror writer. The creepy clown named Pennywise from the book It and the film adaptations are enough to give anyone nightmares. Now, imagine seeing Pennywise the clown inside a cake!

Image courtesy of nobleland_mermaid/Reddit

This cake is a particularly clever one as it looks quite realistic. They have even included George’s paper boat on top! Apart from the wire balloon strings, every other part of this cake is edible. Honestly, we’d be too scared to cut into this one!

Cute cookies

Moving away from the creepy foods for a little bit, here are some delightful ghost cookies that are too adorable to eat. Just look at that cute little face on the front! These are perfect for every Halloween party guest, young or old.

Image courtesy of successfulregister25/Reddit

The only thing scary about these cookies is most likely the amount of sugar in them. We can imagine that there is quite a lot of it in the sweet icing. Still, they are an absolute treat and a perfect snack.

Murderous Meatloaf

Meatloaf in itself is quite a strange dish. Who thought of turning bits of meat into a loaf of juicy bread piece of bread basically?! This user’s mom took it to the next level when she created this Halloween meatloaf. Or, should we say, mummy meatloaf!

Image courtesy of felicityHmuffman/Reddit

The mummy’s wrappings are made from strips of bacon, and their eyes are a combination of olives and cucumber. Those terrifying teeth are actually chopped-up pieces of celery. This is undoubtedly a very clever idea for a spooky dish.

Creepy cupcakes

Here are some more sweet treats that are brilliant. We don’t know what some of the shapes are meant to be on these cupcakes, but we absolutely adore the use of black icing. It’s not easy to get it to look so dark and delicious at the same time.

Image courtesy of dancer15/Reddit

We can make out a black rose on a few of them, as well as what appears to be a spider’s web on a couple of other ones. Either way, these are sure to go down well at any party.

Just what is that?!

You might think that this is a cooking accident, but it was actually completely intentional. This strange creation, or ‘Turkstrocity’ as it’s known, is a mix of octopus, turkey, and snow crab. It sounds pretty disgusting, but it’s not!

Image courtesy of Smoke_Trails/Reddit

In fact, we reckon the different flavors on this odd dish complement each other really well. However, you would never find us hanging around to find out! We would imagine many shocked faces if you brought this out to the table.

Ravenous Ravens

This cake looks too delicious for words! It is just one of the many different cakes that this user created for work. Apparently, they made a whole flock of ravens, not just one. We would love to try a slice of it in all its majesty!

Image courtesy of Akitiki/Reddit

Seriously, anyone who is skilled enough to make something as delicious looking as this deserves a lot of praise. It is not easy to decorate a picture with icing on a cake, let alone make it look like a bird’s feathers.

Clever cake

You might do a double-take when you see this cake. No, it’s not a real brain! It’s a cake made from chocolate fudge and marshmallow fondant for the details. The strawberry jam glaze gives it a shiny and gooey effect.

Image courtesy of Iwantsprinkle/Reddit

Anytime someone tells you that cakemaking is easy, just show them this picture. It takes an imaginative brain to create something like this! But don’t worry; it is not as disgusting as it looks. It’s supposedly very sweet and delicious!

Spooky Sushi

So far, we have seen quite a few Halloween foods that are on the sweet side. Now, it is time for something much saltier. Here is a platter of Halloween sushi, made to look just like a set of smiling pumpkins!

Image courtesy of ashakilee/Reddit

This idea is so clever! They have used the fish to make the pumpkins themselves, while the nori sheets are the eyes and mouth. Even the little leaf on top is a fantastic addition that we wouldn’t have thought of.

Deliciously scary

It is time for another super cute cake now! This time, it is in the shape of a monster. A very cute monster, that is! The details on the eye are awe-inspiring – check out that glassy reflection.

Image courtesy of Lusterpeaks/Reddit

This user is a master of icing, too. The way they’ve iced the skin makes it look so lifelike and appear like real hair on a monster. The best part about this cake? Every piece of it is edible!

Skulls for all

You have probably heard of a red velvet cake, now get ready for the next best thing – black velvet cake! We’re not sure which one is more delicious, but this cake wins the prize for being the most creative.

Image courtesy of ihavenofriends_exe/Reddit

The skulls are made from sugar, and the black flame effect on the top is achieved with piping bags. We have to admit; it takes some real skill to get the colors right. It’d be great for a goth or dark-themed party as well.

Proud Pumpkin

One of the best parts about Halloween is the tradition of carving a pumpkin. Not only do you get a cool decoration, but you can also use the filling to make a delicious pumpkin pie or another type of pumpkin dish.

Image courtesy of toloveawallflower/Reddit

You won’t be able to do the same for this pumpkin. It’s actually just a giant cake shaped like one instead! The user who made this was inspired by a picture they saw on Pinterest. They should be very proud.

Devilishly Delicious

Who doesn’t love to eat Oreos? There is a reason they are so popular worldwide – they are such a delightful, simple, and delicious treat! This user went one step further by creating a cake made entirely out of Oreos.

Image courtesy of interrupting_MOO_cow/Reddit

Each part of this cake looks absolutely delicious, from the dripping chocolate on the sides to the candy pumpkins on the top. Even the little Oreo bat seems ready to eat! It’s a fact – this baker is a genius.

Eye See You!

We’ve already seen a brain cake – now take a look at this eyeball jelly! We are not sure why there are gummies around the eyeball, but perhaps they certainly add to its creepiness. Maybe they are meant to be parasites.

Image courtesy of rapioros/Reddit

This jelly is a certified masterpiece, and it is definitely making us feel hungry. That blue iris is stunning. We guess that you could say that it is quite “eye-catching” or even “eye-impressive.” Okay, we will stop with the puns now!

A different kind of croissant

‘Different’ is definitely one way to describe this croissant. Just look at how dark and mysterious it is! We assure you that it is not burned; it has been made to look like this. But we’re not sure why!

Image courtesy of input36/Reddit

This croissant looks more like a chrysalis from some kind of bizarre caterpillar! It does not look super delicious, but we are sure that it probably is. The yellow-green icing is likely super sweet. You won’t find this in France!

Roadkill Patties

The user who posted this is a cruel person, for sure! They followed a recipe for red-colored Rice Krispy treats and formed them into the shape that resembles beef patties. Then, they got some meat trays from the butchers.

Image courtesy of whalecat_of_the_sea/Reddit

The final touch was printing out a fake label on the front. Why? To make them seem like roadkill patties, of course! This is a pretty hilarious prank, and we imagine the results were fantastic. We bet they were delicious as well!

Lady Gaga 2.0

If you didn’t know, ‘charcuterie’ is another word for ‘deli’ and usually refers to a board of cheese, meats, and other snacks. However, we’ve never seen a board that looks like this before! This user did a fantastic job with the decorations.

Image courtesy of Sikside/Reddit

They even managed to get this skeleton his meat suit back – what a lucky guy he is. It looks very similar to Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress from the 2010 MTV VMAs. We bet this one is much more delicious, though.

Murderous Monster

This cake looks like a wedding cake that has gone evil. Usually, this type of cake is covered with beautiful and edible flowers. The baker followed these guidelines but added a Halloween twist – the plant is a monster!

Image courtesy of megp/Reddit

If you brought out this beast at a wedding, we can imagine there would be a lot of terrified faces. But, it is perfect for a Halloween party. The detail on the leaves makes it pretty difficult to create.

Halloween Bread

You can make almost every type of food Halloween-themed, from cakes to cookies. This also includes bread as well! Just look at the designs that this user’s friend put onto some artisanal loaves of bread. They are simply amazing.

Image courtesy of gonzoveritas/Reddit

We can imagine that these would go down really well on a Halloween-themed cooking show. Artisanal loaves are just a type of bread made at home that is crusty, fresh and looks rustic. They are usually not this scary!

Spider snack

The following picture is nowhere near as scary as some of the other entries on this list. In reality, they actually look pretty cute instead! They are so adorable that you could make them for a kid’s birthday party.

Image courtesy of cooking_with_my_kids/Reddit

You could even ask your children to help you bake them because they are so easy to make. We have never seen spiders look so adorable before, and we cannot wait to take a bite of them, legs and all.

Chocolate Pralines

Back to the gross yet sweet snacks now! These chocolate pralines would go really well with the eyeball jelly from before. Just imagine a table of food with all of those eyeballs staring at you – it’d be pretty spooky.

Image courtesy of soundoftherainforest/Reddit

One great thing about these chocolate pralines is that you can easily customize their design to make them suit your party’s theme. For example, you can try making them look like dragon eggs or perhaps something even creepier if you can imagine.

Venomous Velvet

This cake is a mix of quite a few different styles. At the bottom, you have some bizarre monster tentacles reaching out to break free. Above that, there’s a stack of neon-colored pancakes. This is all topped off with a special toxic bottle.

Image courtesy nataloodle/Reddit

It’s a special, floating bottle of poison! Okay, so it is not really poison – but you could have fooled us. This cake is a masterpiece that must have taken a lot of time to create. It’s probably delicious, too!

Deadly Dessert

Here are some more absolutely adorable ghostly desserts. The only thing deadly about these meringues is that they are full of sugar! Those little black eyes are pretty cute. It is an effortless dish but super effective for a Halloween party.

Image courtesy of canberrastreets/Reddit

You could make these along with a couple of other snacks on this list for a real ‘spooky but cute’ Halloween party. These meringues are pretty easy to make and can be rustled up in no time at all.

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

This user went above and beyond when they made these cupcakes. Not only do they have pumpkin spice and salted buttercream in them, but they also have pumpkins on them! The pumpkins are handmade and made from beautiful fondant.

Image courtesy of llamagirl1996/Reddit

We love how customizable these treats are. They get a bonus point for making the ‘soil’ and ‘gravestones’! These cupcakes are proof that not everything needs to be scary on Halloween. You can create really cute treats as well!

Petrifying Pasta

This pasta might not be homemade, but we are sure that it’s are just as delicious. Each piece is in the shape of various Halloween things. There are spiders, pumpkins, bats, and many more that you can choose from.

Image courtesy of banana_plague/Reddit

They also contain no artificial flavors, so you don’t have to worry about any chemicals in your food. Try having this novelty pasta with some tomato sauce to give a natural ‘bloody’ feel – that will surely go down well.

Lava Cookies

You might look at these cookies and think they have been badly burned, but they are actually meant to look this way. The blackness is a special kind of food coloring, and so are the other flashes of colors on the inside.

Image courtesy of mangodewd/Reddit

Can you guess what they are meant to be yet? They are lava cookies! Of course, these are nowhere near as hot as the real thing, and there is no danger if you decide to take a bite in the unknown.

House of Horrors

No, this is not a toy house. It is not a dollhouse either. It is a cake house! Yes, that’s right – this entire house is made of icing and cake mix, right down to the tiny wreath on the door.

Image courtesy of difficult-event-5306/Reddit

We are seriously impressed with how much effort has gone into this house. There’s no way that we would be able to craft something so beautiful. It almost feels wrong to eat something so stunning, but someone’s dive into it!


If you take a knife and slice into this pumpkin, you might be surprised by what you will find. Instead of pumpkin seeds and fillings, it is actually just a gorgeous, fluffy piece of cake. What a great idea!

Image courtesy of teddansonwithmyself/Reddit

The only downside to making this cake is that you will have to buy a real pumpkin if you want to shape it like a jack-o-lantern. Still, you can easily bake this anytime during the fall for a lovely treat.

Spooky Sugar Cookies

Some of these cookies look a little similar to the ones we have seen before. But, they have a unique twist. You can make sugar cookies into a bunch of different shapes, depending on your personal taste. These are also charming!

Image courtesy of nytareddits/Reddit

For example, you can make them like this for a Halloween party. Then, you could try changing the pumpkin ones to trinkets for a Christmas party. There are just so many decorations you can think of with sugar cookies!

Healthy but Spooky

So far, we have seen quite a lot of sugary snacks and foods that are probably not too healthy for you. To balance things out, you can try making this spooky acai bowl that is perfect for a Halloween party.

Image courtesy of sambazonuk/Reddit

The scariest thing about this is how delicious it is, even though it’s so low in sugar and fat! Of course, we do not recommend that you eat plastic spiders. They are bad for you and will most likely taste awful.

That’s sick

Note: no pumpkins were harmed in the making of this photograph. In all honesty, we are not too sure why someone decided to craft this design. After all, who on earth would want to eat some pumpkin vomit? Watch it be the tastiest thing on this list.

Image courtesy of 7singirl/Reddit

This design is probably better for a centerpiece to look at than an actual meal because it makes us feel a little queasy just looking at it! Still, the bacon and egg mixture is probably not too bad. We will pass.

Perfect Pizza

There is never a wrong time to eat pizza, and that includes Halloween. So, why not get into the spooky spirit and try crafting something with the topping like this peculiar pizza? We promise you that it will not bite!

Image courtesy of pizzageek/Reddit

The user who posted this said they made it for Halloween, which is one of the year’s busiest days. Given how much time and effort that went into making this pizza, we would be amazed if this was presented in front of us.

Pumpkin Pie

If you decide to carve a jack-o-lantern this Halloween, make sure that you do not throw away the insides of it. Why? Because you can use them to make a delightful pumpkin pie like the one in this picture!

Image courtesy of kittfurlong/Reddit

Pumpkin pies are always delicious, but they taste particularly delectable during the season of fall, not just on the day of Halloween. This one is also pretty simple, but the cat and star design are quite effective. This is a perfect fall recipe, for sure.

Halloween Lunch

Halloween is a loved holiday for kids in particular. They enjoy getting dressed up in cool costumes, going trick-or-treating, and watching some scary films. So, why not keep the fun going and send them off with treats when they go to school, too?

Image courtesy of dmangnusv/Reddit

This mom took things to a whole new level when she made this Halloween lunch for her kids. Look at the Frankenstein cookies and spider cookies! There’s no denying it – this mom is really brilliant at what she does.

Rare Ramen

Anyone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth might fancy making this particular dish. It might look like tentacles and a pumpkin, but it is actually a bowl of delicious ramen. If we’ve learned something today, it’s that looks can be deceiving!  

Image courtesy of ikigairamen/Reddit

The bowl of ramen is complete with an edible bat in the corner. You could try making a big batch of this for a party, or perhaps try making it for yourself to take to work to impress your coworkers. We know we will!

Halloween Brownies

These brownies are pretty versatile and can be used at any time of the year. The googly eyes help to make them seem a little cute and creepy at the same time. You could try putting some edible spiders on there.

Image courtesy of ITakeBigger****ThanU/Reddit

Or maybe you could add some edible presents to make it for a Christmas party. Perhaps you can try baby chicks for an Easter celebration. No matter what the occasion is, everyone will love eating these deliciously spooky brownies.

Wicked Witches

If you are not sure what to make for the main course of your Halloween meal, why not try rustling together this idea? It’s witch’s hair pasta, complete with a skull made of pizza and eyes made from meatballs.

Image courtesy of beachcover/Reddit

The pasta is not too difficult to make, although you might need to buy some food coloring to get it the right color. We imagine that the pizza skulls could take a little time since it has to look realistic.

Healthy Halloween snacks

Of course, we can’t forget the little ones! They might think Halloween is a little too scary at that age, so you can always try lightening the mood by creating some healthy Halloween snacks like the ones in this picture.

Image courtesy of koehlebaahks/Reddit

You have carrots that have been cut out into the shape of pumpkins and cucumbers made to look like ghosts. There’re some vegetables stuck together to look like a spider. We’re not sure what the tomatoes are meant to be!

Peculiar Pizza

Here is another idea for the main course. This person created these Halloween pizzas for a small gathering that they had in their garage. We can imagine that everyone loved these delicious meals as they looked mouth-wateringly and creepy in the best way possible.

Image courtesy of Oh_DragonsGotMe/Reddit

They are also pretty easy to make at home too. All you need to do is put the cheese and pepperoni slices on the pizza in a particular way. After cooking the pizza, an easy way to shape them is to cut them correctly.

Super Sushi

We have already seen a delightful Halloween sushi idea on this list. Apparently, this idea is a hit, as someone decided to make another version for themselves! This user chose to focus on using the nori sheets and rice.

Image courtesy of nizjiz/Reddit

They have crafted these into the shape of a frightening face, like Ghost Face from the Scream horror franchise. You could try making a few of these faces with the sushi pumpkins from earlier for a truly spectacular meal.

Petrifying Pie

This one is last for a reason, as it is the perfect pie to make after Halloween. It will help you get into the Christmas spirit since it is the spitting image of Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Image courtesy of yoshibabi/Reddit

Let’s just hope that your Christmas celebrations run smoother than his! We just love the expression on this pie’s face. The use of fruits helps it to look like real blood. We guarantee it is far tastier than it lets on to be!