Beyond Selfies: A Fun Couple’s Creative Approach To Creating Travel Memories

By Aakash M

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

The internet is full of travel-related content these days. Profiles that center around this often consist of people on solo adventures, people traveling in a group, as a family, and sometimes even as couples.

Zuzu Galova and Peter Sedlacik are from the last category. They are a couple from Slovakia that’s extremely passionate about global travel. In the course of their travels, they devised a unique way to capture the highlights of their trips and immortalize memories.

Like most people, they do that using pictures. But what’s special about them is that they always snap the photo at the same time while looking at each other. That way, they capture two different perspectives of the same location. You’ll have a better idea when you see the photos!


We bet Peter’s head was spinning by the time he got the perfect shot on this one. This picture was taken in 2018 in the Central Library Oodi in Helsinki. From the looks of it, it seems like a lovely place to visit.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

The public library was inaugurated just a week before these guys visited it. Also, it cost a whopping 98 million euros to build it! Not a surprising sum, seeing as it’s massive and contains over 100,000 books. There are even robots that specially transport the books on specific floors!


This image was taken in Tan Teng Niah, a very famous spot and one of Singapore’s historical landmarks. Notice how both of them are standing in the same position, but their backgrounds are totally different? That’s the beauty of their strategy.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

Tan Teng Niah is located in Little India, which is a cultural enclave full of temples and mosques. This is basically a building famous for being the last surviving Chinese villa in that location. Something tells us it must be cherished!


The Netherlands is a beautiful country with several bridges like these. As we are sure you may know, the best way to commute is cycling as the streets are squeaky clean and spacious, allowing you to see all the sights conveniently.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

These images were taken on a gorgeous bridge over a canal in Amsterdam in 2016. If you are planning on taking a trip there, there are about 1750 bridges in Amsterdam, so you’ll definitely get a chance to get a stunning shot like the one above.


Here’s a snap of the couple at the Rockefeller Center in New York – the city that never sleeps! One of the USA’s most famous cultural landmarks, this place is a massive complex with nineteen commercial buildings covering about twenty acres.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

There are numerous pieces of art in almost every building, and there is also an ice skating rink. To sum things up, it is basically a city within a city. Additionally, the place is famous for its gorgeous massive Christmas tree.


Up next, we have an image from the Bayon Temple in Siem Reap. It is a richly decorated Buddhist temple that was built sometime in the 13th century. Fun fact – it has about fifty Gothic towers with numerous gigantic smiling faces!

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

It was the first and only Buddhist temple built by the Khmer Empire. This place provides a unique insight into the evolution of design and architecture in general. One thing is for sure – this couple takes wanderlust to another level!


Do you know what the best way to while away a beautiful afternoon is? According to us, it’s spending time with your beloved on a white sand beach. That’s precisely what this couple is doing as they keep taking enchanting photos of their adventures.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

This image is from their trip to Djerba, an island in Tunisia. It is the largest island in North Africa, and it is renowned for its beaches, handicraft markets, and fishing port. The beaches are sandy, the countryside is silent, and it’s reportedly quite dreamy!

Hong Kong

Our next images are from a trip to Hong Kong. They were snapped in the Man Mo Temple, which is a famous temple in the country. Though these photos do not quite do it justice, the temple’s interior is breathtaking.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

This is one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong and is mainly known for its incense spirals. There are dozens of incense coils that usually have a distinctive gold and red hue. It is a declared monument and a revered Buddhist temple.

New Zealand

This photo is from the couple’s visit to Rotorua in 2018. This town on the North Island of New Zealand is incredibly famous for its traditional Maori culture. Another thing that makes it a magnet for tourists is the bubbling mud pools that erupt daily!

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

Though from both pictures you can tell that the place is freezing, these two undoubtedly had the time of their lives as usual. It’s incredible how they are both in the same place, but if someone saw the pictures separately, they wouldn’t be able to tell.


The couple visited Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, in 2013. Yeap, these two have been at these for over a decade. Frankly, if we had the means and a soulmate who shared our adventurous spirit, a decade of traveling the world would feel like a blink in the fabric of time.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

Not only is Lisbon just the capital of Portugal, but it is also the country’s largest city. Over there, two things are very unique: architecture and food. Most tourists who visit this city mainly come to enjoy these two things.


Can you guess where this image was taken? If you said the Louvre, congratulations, you got it right! These guys have a decent following on their social media handles, so many of their followers who were there that day got to meet them.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

The Louvre is famous the world over, and it’s actually considered the most-visited art museum in the world. While you are there, you’ll get to see numerous collections of famous pieces from the most ancient civilizations to the mid-19th century.


This image was taken in Batu Caves, which is in Kuala Lumpur, back in January 2019. Though the photos are both beautiful, we have to admit that that shot of Zuzu on a colorful staircase absolutely steals the show, wouldn’t you agree?

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

The word ‘batu’ in Malay means rock. This spot is a series of caves and cave temples and is among the most popular Hindu shrines that are outside of India. Quite the place to visit! We hope you are noting down these memorable destinations.

Malaysia #2

This venue needs no introduction to most people. From that angle, Zuzu looks tiny in front of the majestic Petronas Towers. This image was clicked in January of 2019. More than anything, it made us admire the ideas and concepts they come up with for their shots.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

The Petronas Towers are among the tallest towers in the world, at a height of over 450 meters. The towers each have around 88 stories! Just imagine if the elevator stopped working for a few minutes! Such a nightmare for acrophobes.

Malaysia #3

Here’s a dual perspective from the gorgeous Putra Mosque in Kuala Lumpur. This mosque represents the cultural heritage of Malaysia. The construction draws inspiration from Persian, Middle Eastern, and Malay architecture. As is evident from the pic, it’s also famous for its unique rose-colored dome.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

There are very few pink mosques in the world, and this mosque is one of them. The place can accommodate well over ten thousand worshippers at a time. As of now, it is among the newest and most famous Instagrammable places in the city of Putrajaya.

Malaysia #4

These guys clearly had a ball in Malaysia. Pictured below is the Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur. It is a six-tiered temple that was opened back in 1989 that’s very aesthetically pleasing, as you can see. The city’s features from here are also very picturesque.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

Because of these two reasons, this temple is the go-to destination in Malaysia for weddings and religious events. If you are keen, you will spot greenery in the background of the image. That’s because the temple is surrounded by gorgeous gardens.


Everyone we know dreams of going to Santorini. It’s one of the most gorgeous places in the world. To back up our previous statement, we have an image below that shows two different perspectives. As you can see, both are equally breathtaking.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

For those who don’t know much about the place, it’s an island in the Aegean Sea. The reason behind its abnormal and rugged landscape is a volcanic eruption that happened in the 16th century. The island basically overlooks the sea and is bordered by other small islands to the west.

Greece #2

We already saw one image from Santorini, but that’s not nearly enough to celebrate this popular European country. Plus, Santorini is such a beautiful place that it deserves much more than a single mention. If you were to pick your favorite, which would you pick?

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

To be precise, this image was clicked in Pyrgos Kallistis, which is a hilltop village in Santorini. It’s a wonderful place that’s surrounded by white wine-producing vineyards. It’s also considered the best-preserved village in Santorini and has a population of just 912 people.

Czech Republic

The next pictures were snapped in Nové Město na Moravě, which is a town in the Czech Republic. The area is home to around ten thousand people and is considered the hub of winter sports. Once you are there, you’ll quickly realize that the town is extremely well-preserved.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

It is basically a paradise for skiing and mountain bike races, so if that’s your jam, find your way there soon! You would also be fascinated by the houses here, as many of them have Neoclassical, Renaissance, and Baroque designs.


What a fun time this must have been! This image was taken during the 2014 Color Run that took place in Centennial Park in Sydney. You can see how different the phones and cameras were back then. There has surely been a lot of technological development in photography since then.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

The Color Run is also known as the happiest 5 km run on Earth. It’s an untimed event, and to make it even more special, for every kilometer you complete, you will be drenched in a color powder! So, the aim is to get covered in as much color as you can. Sign us up!

Australia #2

This image was taken in January 2015 at Yoga Beyond at Bondi Beach in Australia. Bondi Beach is quite the place. You could witness a lot of different classes and events taking place over there. Yoga Beyond is among those.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

Since the couple was at a beach where people were doing Yoga, they had to stay on theme. As such, with the help of two buddies, they tested out these epic poses, and the results were magnificent. We wonder how many takes this took!

Australia #3

These gorgeous images were clicked in August of 2015 in the Bondi Icebergs in Sydney. Again, there is quite a distance between the couple. Makes you wonder how these guys coordinate the timing. There surely can’t count to three here!

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

The location is not really an iceberg. It’s one of Sydney’s most famous pools with a unique history. The pool is open to the public throughout the year and is quite popular with tourists. Additionally, it’s the only licensed winter swimming club in the world.

Australia #4

There’s a lot more to come from the land down under. This next photo was taken in the Ningaloo Shark Bay. Honestly, these two go to great lengths just to get two perspectives from their cameras. Taking two synchronized photos while you’re in the ocean is a taxing feat on its own.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

But once you add a whale shark in the mix, it sounds simply impossible! Swimming with whale sharks over there is the experience of a lifetime, as you can see. You’ll find everything here, from docile reef sharks to the notorious tiger sharks!

Australia #5

It’s just like they say – fifth time’s the charm! No? Okay. This image was clicked on the Gold Coast during the couple’s visit to Australia in 2019. This location is beloved for its expansive beaches and its inland canals and waterway systems.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

If you ever want to go surfing in Australia, this is the city for you. The town is also full of theme parks and water parks! That said, you’ll probably spend most of your time on the beach because there’s something irresistible about the powdery white sand.

Australia #6

Nothing much, just a couple enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning. The only unique thing over here is that this couple travels the world and captures it all in their cameras, just like they did here, so they have probably had the best and worst coffee experiences you could ever imagine.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

It looks like this was clicked right in the middle of a toast. This image is from their visit to Bondi in January of 2020. Well, that was a good time to visit since less than two months later, our entire reality as residents of Earth changed for the worse.

Australia #7

There seems to be a little slip-up here. We can see Peter in the image clicked by Zuzu, but where’s Zuzu in the image clicked by Peter? Our guess is that the skateboarder was an accidental photobomber as Zuzu Peter snapped his.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

This is probably the first image where one of them is not visible in the image. Yet, they still felt it was interesting enough to post. Anyways, this image is from the Bondi Skate Park in Sydney. It’s a hub for local skaters.

Australia #8

At this point, we could easily dedicate a mini-article just for the couple’s visits to Australia. These many moments from Australia imply one thing – Zuzu and Peter love this country! Who wouldn’t? There’s something for everybody who visits Australia.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

What looks like some kind of James Bond ad shoot is simply their signature image that was taken during their visit to Sydney in February 2020. We have to admit it’s quite exciting seeing them indoors in fancy dinnerwear as opposed to the outdoors.


This image was taken in the Gili Air Island back in June of 2017. That air swing looks like so much fun! We’re not sure we would be as graceful as Zuzu is, but we’d definitely love to give this a try!

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

Zuzu had to maintain her balance while also taking a picture mid-air, and judging by the end results, she did a remarkable job. Again, hats off to the creativity these two have going. They truly are a match made in adventure heaven.

Indonesia #2

This image was taken on Kelingking Beach on the famous Nusa Penida island. This island is located near Bali, and there are twelve even smaller islands near it. You can tell by these pictures that the place is a major tourist attraction in Indonesia.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

For those thinking that the beach is pink, that’s not the case. If you googled this place, the vegetation on the rocks and the entire location is a normal green. That said, we have to admit that we love this edit.

Indonesia #3

What’s more difficult than two people clicking a photo of each other at the same time? Two people clicking a photo of each other at the same time with monkeys on their heads! Peter seems to have figured it out, but Zuzu’s monkey seems too excited about the camera.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

This image was clicked at the Monkey Forest in a town called Ubud, which is in Bali. It is considered a sanctuary. The place is home to more than 1,200 long-tailed macaques, and for the locals, the monkeys are sacred.

Indonesia #4

This image was taken in Mrs Sippy, which is in Seminyak, Bali. Though it sounds strangely like Mississipi, Mrs Sippy isn’t a river but a famous swimming pool. It has played host to some of the world’s most glamorous pool parties!

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

Based on the pics, the couple might have taken a dive after wrapping up this shoot. The image is from their 2017 trip to Indonesia. This place is also a beautiful venue for wedding events, music festivals, and many other social gatherings.


These photos were taken on the Silja Line ship in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. It is the country’s cultural hub and also its most populous city. Silja Line ships are super spacious and luxurious, and enjoying the view of the Baltic Sea on one is an incredible experience.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

The cruise ship is humongous, with 415 sea-facing cabins, seven restaurants, high-end shops, nightclubs, bars, jacuzzis, and much more! Additionally, it can carry around 2,800 passengers and is about 212 meters in length. Sounds like the perfect place to party!


Well, here is a beautiful image of the couple in their home ground, Slovakia. It seems that even when they are taking a break from touring the world, they still enjoy taking photos of themselves in stunning locations. The lesson to learn here is that there’s always something new to see, even at home.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

This image was taken in Ždiar, which is a very scenic village in Slovakia. Also, the image was taken in July of 2020. We must admit we were insanely jealous that they spent quarantine in such a beautiful place as opposed to a cramped apartment.

Slovakia #2

It’s a little difficult to spot the lady in this one, right? Take a closer look. This image was clicked in August of 2021 in Bratislava, which is the capital of Slovakia. It is a fantastic place for cycling and hiking.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

Like many places in Slovakia, Bratislava is also known for its lively cafes and bars. It is also the only capital city in the world that shares the border with two countries (Austria and Hungary). The couple must have cherished being here.

Slovakia #3

Although these two pose similarly in almost all their pictures and maintain a very consistent theme, Their content is always captivating. Aside from leaving you with an insane case of wanderlust, there is always something new to learn from the locations, techniques, and even fun poses.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

This image is from the ELESKO Wineries in Modra, a Slovakian city. It is a wine brand, and the winery is considered one of the most modern in all of central Europe. The place also has an amazing restaurant and a gallery of modern art.

Slovakia #4

Both these photos are amazing, but just notice the difference in the quality of the image clicked by Zuzu and compare it with Peter’s. This collage shows the quality difference between a photo taken on a phone and a camera.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

This moment was captured in Zelene Pleso, a picturesque emerald lake in the High Tatras, which is a mountain range in Slovakia. Hiking is among the top activities here, and just by the scenery, we know hiking here would be an unforgettable experience.

Slovakia #5

Those who have an interest in art or photography know that you can find something artistic or worth taking a picture literally everywhere, even on these stairs. What makes things look even better is the concept that the couple introduces.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

This image was clicked in the Franciscan Church in Bratislava. It is the oldest existing religious building in the city. Can you guess when it was opened? Well, it’s older than you think. It was opened in the year 1297.


Doesn’t it look like Zuzu is standing beneath a rocket from that angle? This photo was taken at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy in Moscow back in 2018. The place is abbreviated as VDNKh (in Russian). It is an amusement park.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

The place was opened in 1935, and to this day, it is one of the must-visit attractions of Moscow. Also, you may not know this, but the territory of the VDNKh is greater than the country of Monaco! During winter months, the location is converted into a skating rink.

Russia #2

This is the Red Square, a major tourist attraction in Moscow. The place started gaining popularity in the 20th century when it became the venue for all military demonstrations and parades that were a part of the Soviet Union’s strength display.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

The Red Square is Moscow’s official landmark. Just think, every time you’re watching a film or a show and the scene is set in Russia, you will always see it featured somewhere, and that’s how you know they’re in Moscow. Also, although it’s called the Red ‘Square,’ it’s actually rectangular!

United Kingdom

Like the Red Square, this place has been featured in so many movies and series! But for those who don’t know, this is the London Eye and Big Ben. The London Eye is an observation wheel, a landmark, and also the most popular tourist attraction in the UK.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

This is how you know you are in London. Near that is Big Ben, which is probably the world’s most famous clock. Its construction started in 1843, so it has seen 41 prime ministers and six monarchs come and go!

United Kingdom #2

This dual perspective was captured near the Picadilly Circus in London back in 2015. The place is certainly famous, but not everyone knows that it’s not a literal circus. It’s a road junction in Westminster that was built in the 1800s. Circus over here just refers to the round open space at a junction.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

It’s a wonderful place to be, with its fancy shops, restaurants, theaters, and, best of all, traditional English pubs. The neon signs over here are a sight to behold. It’s one of London’s major tourist attractions and is considered a traffic hub and a neon-lit gathering place.

South Korea

This image was clicked in the Bongeunsa Temple in Seoul. It is one of the city’s topmost tourist attractions partly because it’s home to a 23-meter-tall Buddha statue. It is also South Korea’s most extensive temple grounds and is believed to be 1000 years old.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

It is quite the unique experience for international visitors like our couple as one gets to experience traditional Buddhist practices. Places like these have a very peaceful vibe. You often leave feeling zen and enlightened. On top of that, the stunning architecture is something to behold!

South Korea #2

This photo is from the Demilitarized Zone in South Korea, which is among the most guarded places in the world! 750,000 troops from North Korea are stationed at this place. That is literally 70% of the country’s active military force.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

Similarly, 450,000 troops from South Korea have been stationed here. It’s basically the 250-kilometer border that acts as a buffer zone between the two countries. The borders were demarcated after the Korean War, as implied by the statue behind Peter.

South Korea #3

This image is from the couple’s trip to the DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) in Seoul in 2022, which is a cultural center. Seoul was the World Design Capital back in 2010, and one of the biggest reasons behind the designation was the DDP.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

This plaza has a unique, neo-futuristic design, which is represented by the curved and elongated structures there. The cost of building this place was a whopping $451 million. Opened in 2011, it has been visited by millions of people who all have amazing things to say about it.


Notice how both of them are standing exactly in the center in this one? This image was clicked in the Himalayas Center in Shanghai. This place is a non-profit art institute and also one of the oldest private art institutes in China.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

The place is renowned for its architecture and art installations, and the photo does give quite an insight into it. It also depicts the history of Buddhism in China quite beautifully and with a lot of detail. Spending an afternoon here can be worth your while.

China #2

This image is from the couple’s visit to the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing back in 2018. At this point, after so many different pictures in gorgeous locations, these guys have become expert photographers at taking numerous photos in synchronization.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

This is one of the largest religious building complexes in Beijing. It has a very symbolic layout with a unique structure and decor that would make your jaw drop. If you want to see traditional Chinese architecture, this place is the best representation of it.

China #3

Asia is full of stunning structures that make you gawk in awe, and this is one of them. When you look at it, The Temple of Heaven in China makes you feel as if it’s going to take away all your stress and worries.

Image courtesy of lensbetweenus/Instagram

It was an imperial sacrifice site where the emperors of the Qing and Ming dynasties prayed to the heavens for a fruitful harvest. The structure was built in the fifteenth century, and today, it is a nationally protected site and an international tourist attraction.