45 Giggle-Worthy Notes Left On Restaurant Receipts

By Kimiko I

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Gratuity may seem like a strange concept to some, but it’s a very expected gesture in many places worldwide, especially when tipping the waiter or the waitress at a restaurant. But not all forms of gratitude are monetary kind. Some people show their gratitude – or lack thereof, depending on the situation, as you will see – in the form of a joke, an insult, or unsolicited advice. Here are some pretty interesting “tips” left behind on credit card receipts after a day at the diner. They range from heartwarming to hilarious to sassy to plain rude. Some may make you laugh out loud, while others may enrage you. Either way, these are each entertaining in their own way. Enjoy!

That’s A Bad Typo

Imagine spelling of the word “whole” where the R replaces the L, and that’s the type of juice our customer got. Or at least that’s how it was spelled on the receipt, but it is more than likely that the juice the customer received was not from concentrate.


It was either pureed, or it was simply was not mixed with the juice of another flavor. Next time, these guys might want to check the spelling on their receipt before the customer jumps to any unnecessary conclusions. Hopefully, they weren’t trying to send her a subliminal message and that receipt.

What Gave You That Impression?

If servers are not having fun on the job, is there any real reason to come into work?  We all know the telltale signs of someone being a little too…groovy. From the red droopy eyes to the smell coming from their clothes, it is evident when someone has toked before sitting down to grab a bite.


This customer may have called in and said that was their name before placing the order, but usually, a server would have more common sense than to put that on the receipt. Considering the circumstances, it is safe to say no one was offended during this transaction.

That’s A Bargain

We have all heard of the drink a Sex On The Beach, but has anyone ever heard of an Orgasm? At least we hope that the orgasm printed on this receipt is the name of an actual drink and not another type of product or service offered by this establishment.


That will be a very interesting receipt to show the wife when this guy gets home, assuming this patron is a male. If not, this fruity drink is going to get someone in trouble with her boyfriend, unless he’s a cocktail aficionado.

Parents Can Be So Cruel

Yet another example of ridiculously idiotic names to sign on a receipt is Butthole Teeth. Now parents have been known to name their children some really crazy things, especially celebrity parents who named their children things like Rocket and Apple.


Either this guy was watching Beavis and Butt-head Do America while eating his hot wings, or his parents are really that cruel. Maybe this is some hint or indicator of what kind of young parents they were. Who knows? All that matters are the last four digits on the card anyway.

Shouldn’t He Be Busy?

Making fun of customers is cool and all, but we don’t actually know if this is a name the customer chose on an online order or if it is the fake name of the manager, but it made us chuckle either way.

Reddit u/tamerax

We love a good pun here, and this one gets lots of brownie points from us. We’re beginning to wonder if this restaurant has a gimmick to make puns out of well-known Korean names. Show us the best you have, Koreana!

The Customer’s Two Cents

This sarcastic customer decided to leave their 2 cents in the literal sense of the phrase. Not only did they leave a tip of only $0.02, but they also decided to divulge their two cents and leave them feedback when it came to the restaurant service.


The customer is not complaining that the wait service was bad; they complained that they did not receive their food fast enough. No, in this case, the customer made it very clear that they did not appreciate the wait time.

Thanks For What?

Every bookstore has its section. There’s even a UFO section with books about weird phenomena, and people actually buy it. This bookstore decided to thank its customers that like to buy some of this weird stuff, and we appreciate that.


Considering the customer purchased a book about elephants on acid, it’s understandable why the bookstore owners would be grateful to get something so crazy off their shelves. But we’re also curious about who Rapunzel is, and what the paper with “ice cream and sadness” is about.

The Devil’s In The Details

As if people aren’t already superstitious enough, this customer decided to go out of his way to sign the check in the name of Satan. There is a saying that not all money is good money, and in this case, this money was coming from the Devil himself.


For all we know, the restaurant staff didn’t even decide to swipe the card. They just decided to go ahead and leave the bill alone. At face value, it just looks like a bad joke. Maybe his bill came out to $6.66.

That’s Their Name, Right?

This Pizza Hut delivery guy decided to go ahead and leave a receipt with a nice thank you. While it makes more sense that the delivery driver’s name is Richard and he signed the receipt Dick for short, one can only hope that is the case.


In some cases, someone can call another person by the name of Dick as an insult to say that the person was very rude. If the delivery driver wanted a tip, this would not have happened. But if the delivery driver wrote this in response to not getting a tip, we know why.

Thanks, I’ve Been Working On It

It’s an unfortunate reality that a customer is more likely to tip an attractive waiter or waitress for more money than if the person was not viewed as attractive. This particular customer is so observant of this server that they decided to write on the receipt, “love your tan.”


In such a diverse world, it’s hard to know if someone has tanned or if that is just their natural skin complexion. But in this case, it must take one to know one, and someone serious about tanning recognizes another person who is just as serious.

A Valuable Investment

Who gets so bored that they have the time to come up with these elaborate drawings on their receipt? This customer decided to draw an entire landscape of the moon in the sky overlooking a mountain and a skyscraper. Beautiful.


As much as the server more than likely appreciated the elaborate gesture, a simple tip would have sufficed. In all seriousness, though, this is a very impressive drawing for someone who only had a pen and receipt paper, and did it in five minutes.

A Drinking Problem

Either this is a really great animator who created this napkin cartoon, or this is a young cartoonist with a promising future ahead of them. This person decided to draw out a very well-thought-out cartoon where Coca-Cola is fighting with Pepsi…


And the generic brand of cola is a step down for some of us, but for others, they really don’t care even a little bit. Aren’t all of these beverages made by the same manufacturer anyway? It’s just the bottle that’s different, right?

This Receipt Stinks

At first, it looks like it’s a parking charge, which is understandable. Not quite sure why they would have had to put that on the restaurant receipt rather than allowing the customer to pay the valet, but it’s always better to pay in one swipe of the card.

Imgur @xxlizzle

But in this case, this restaurant must have been pretty empty if the staff knew exactly which table let one rip. This was most certainly an unpleasant charge for the customer. But one has to wonder if there are any laws or regulations against this.

Shaken, Not Stirred

This customer let the server know that they prefer their meal to be shaken, and we are not talking about the drinks. The customer decided to leave a very nice, literally drawn-out note saying that they prefer their bacon shaken. This could totally be about something else.


There is no doubt about that, and we were not present for the conversation at hand between the server and the patron, but this is pretty funny. Some of us are actually going to go home and try and shake our bacon and see what happens.

Is That Relevant?

For whatever reason, a printed message on this receipt states that today the customer’s cashier was White. Were they referring to white as the color of the person’s skin, as ethnic background, or does this cashier go by the name of White?


Regardless, this particular comment made was a little awkward. Either the cashier needs to change their name, or someone needs to talk with management, even if it is a Karen. In situations like these, Karens come in pretty handy, to be honest.

We Suspect There Was No Tip

Body shaming is horrible, but if a plus-size woman has ever been mistaken for being pregnant, that’s just a downright awkward situation. So what if someone is a little round in the midsection? That is the hardest area to maintain.


As if we didn’t already struggle enough with unrealistic beauty standards, the server felt the need to point out this customer’s weight. She clapped back when she wrote a response to him on the receipt. It’s safe to say he was not rewarded for his services.

That’s Just Showing Off

Talk about a little math creativity. This particular customer decided that they wanted to leave a tip of $3.14, or π. Most of us can’t even do the math that fast, and this guy is finding symbols to use to replace the number of dollars for his tip.


Kudos goes to the brilliant math teacher who decided to school this server. Maybe it was a sign that the server should go back to college. They say if you want students to learn, you have to make the material fun. However, this trick is only funny to the people who get it.

An Unusual Dinner Guest

It looks like Pac-Man finally got the dinner that she wanted. This is evidenced by the fact that the customer decided to go ahead and leave a photo of Pac-Man eating dots with the words “nom nom” written in the signature.


It looks like the check was pretty reasonable, too, and the tip was left in cash. As long as there was a tip left, no harm, no foul. Still, how old is this customer if they’re still playing Pac-Man? Millennials, are you feeling nostalgic yet?

Stay Out of the Parking Lot

This weird one-liner footer on this receipt brings up a lot of questions. Considering it looks like they ordered a fancy sandwich or salad. Just what kind of place is this? We mind of want to visit and go exploring the parking lot.


Regardless, we love the sense of humor of this place. We wonder if everyone that works there has good jokes like this. Maybe there switch out the one-liners at the bottom on a regular basis. We need more of this in the world.

Looking After Moms

Expectant mothers are getting a lot of good treatments these days. They’re able to get prime parking in front of shops without the need of a handicap placard, and this particular restaurant decided to go ahead and give one mother-to-be an amazing discount along with a note that says “good luck.”


As if the pregnancy wasn’t already an emotional experience, who couldn’t cheer up at this gesture? By the looks of the discount, her entire meal was comped. The same cannot be said of her partner, but pregnancy is a time for the mother to shine. Actually, the correct term is not shine; it’s glow.

Dial Down The Spice

Indian food is known for being well seasoned and spicy. Indian people Pride themselves on their cooking. Everyone does, but Indians take it to another level. The reality is not everyone can handle the spice, So This Server decided to warn the kitchen.


They needed to put mild curry sauce on the rice since the customers were foreigners. Getting complaints of the food being too spicy does get old, but it is an Indian restaurant. What did these customers expect? Sugar in their food?

Get Woke

This receipt joke will only work if a person gets the reference. But let’s face it, some of these new generation kids don’t even know what Myspace is, much less know who Neo is from The Matrix. It makes a person wonder if the food really tasted that good.


Or if the Matrix simply tells their brain that the food is that good. Who knows? We know that this is as real as it gets when it comes time to pay the tab at the restaurant and the rent when the customer gets home.

All-Star Service Staff

It’s nice to have a little role play now and again. This waitress likes to go by the name Lady Gaga as you can see. Either this customer was surprised that Lady Gaga probably found herself on a reality TV show where she likes to try out regular jobs…


Or this is all just fun and games. We all need something to make the job more fun. Since Lady Gaga is known for her over-the-top fashion sense, I wonder what this server was wearing and if it made the experience more realistic.

Meme Culture

This gaming company decided to leave an exciting header at the top of its receipt. Most gamers, and definitely most people under the age of 35, are going to recognize the meme this is referencing. It’s been around for years.


To those of us who are not gamers, it is just adorable. But it is true. If people want the new game, they should preorder it. Those long lines outside of the store where people pitch tents to camp out overnight are ridiculous. Pre-order the game.

We Didn’t Intend To Try.

Someone must have gone to this bakery to scare the baker because the baker decided to put a header on his receipt “you can’t scare me. I have children.” Maybe they were referring to bridezilla who came in and lost her marbles over her cake.


Or the mother who wanted her child to have the perfect birthday cake and the perfect second cake to smash the kid’s face in. Or maybe this person just had an exciting experience with someone who thought of nothing else better to do than to try and scare a baker.

Use Your Phone

These days, smartphones come with tip calculators so that the person doesn’t have to do the math themselves. The customer made a really kind gesture in this receipt and still left a tip even though they did not specify how much.


They only specify the total amount. Even though the tip was more than a dollar on more than $6, we will still give him brownie points, especially since he put “I can’t get math” on the tip section of the receipt. Apparently, he can’t English, either.

No Tip For You

Sometimes we wonder how the server knows which receipt is ours when carrying multiples in their hand. We hope that they memorized our plates and know exactly which check should be left for us based on what is itemized, but that sounds like a lot to remember.


But this server had a not-so-nice way of identifying his patrons on their check. this is one of those times where it is completely understandable if these two chose not to tip the waiter. This goes beyond just a simple mistake.

The Old Jokes Are The Best

 The hardest part about trying to joke with someone is wondering if they will take it the right way. This server at a hot wings restaurant decided to itemize the customer’s request when it came to their hot wings, including being hot, extra crispy, and some jokes. 


No matter how much this phrase is used, it never gets old. Hopefully, the customer didn’t get too offended if it was an easily offended person, but anyone with a sense of humor most definitely enjoyed a nice chuckle after their meal.

Poetry Is Hard

It’s okay to leave a tagline at the bottom of a receipt, but a poem? That’s creative. This particular cashier decided to leave a haiku at the bottom of this customer’s receipt, but he had trouble making sense of it.


Haikus already have a complicated syllable structure that has to be honored if the poem is truly a haiku, but making everything come together to make sense is even harder. Fortunately for this guy, he was able to turn it into a very nice joke. Either the customers laugh or told him to stick to his day job. At least he tried.

Let’s Play A Game

Some customers can be very cheeky. This customer asked his server to pick a number between 1 and 10. The server picked the number 7. He left the check on the table, bid farewell to the guests, and came back to find a really awesome tip and a note.


A $70 tip on a $56 bill is not exactly winning the lotto, but who wouldn’t have felt like they won the customer jackpot after seeing that? If more customers were like that and had that kind of change lying around, the world would be a better place.

Totally Uncalled For

The life of a server is not easy. It’s not like sitting in an air-conditioned office add a cubicle for 8 hours a day. These guys are up on their feet in the most comfortable shoes that they can find so they can walk around all day long servicing customers in and out.


Every job in the service and hospitality industry is a real job and not an easy one. It would have been easier, to be honest, to admit that he was cheap—no need to bring someone else down emotionally. Get that guy outta here!

How Did The Other Diners Feel?

This has got to be a typo. While we’re not quite sure what he meant by the term naked, but now that that is the word stuck in our heads, it’s kind of hard to try and figure out what word either rhymes with it or is synonymous with it but is still restaurant appropriate.


Since the receipt also lets us know that it was the customer’s birthday, maybe it was a joke referencing seeing the customer in his birthday suit. Who knows? But if he ever actually did come to the diner naked, he must have been at a nudist colony.

You Would Say That

We have seen messages at the bottom of a receipt, but what about a company slogan at the top of a receipt? When it came to this pizza parlor, points for creativity. They suggest that garlic breath is good when coming from a pizza place.

poster anonymous

And who could argue? Between the garlic breadsticks and the garlic crust on the pizza, not to mention garlic bread that is served with spaghetti at any place that serves more than pizza, having lots of garlic is the best way to go.

Accuracy Is Important

No one wants to seem like they’re skimping on the tab. This person left the server a nice tip and then forgot how to add the final total together. Usually, if a person makes a mistake, they simply cross it out, write the correct number, and initial it.


This person simply wrote over the one number that they had accidentally miswritten along with a pretty humorous note. It was a simple, forgivable mistake. But still, you don’t want some silly little mistake on your karmic balance. Be like this person.

At Least It Was Free

While all fire is free and dangerous, it is more likely that the food was cooked right in front of the patron, which is a service that usually costs extra, but in this case, it looks like the restaurant performed this as a courtesy.


After all, who doesn’t like seeing their food made fresh in front of them? It’s better than going to a buffet in the afternoon and only having food cooked several hours earlier that morning available to put on the plate.

Very Sincere Thanks

It’s nice to know that someone recognizes you for your hard work and shows their appreciation for it. The guests at this party decided to write a very lengthy note on a napkin to their server explaining how great the service was and how much the guest enjoyed her.


Party size gratuity is usually already added onto the final bill before handing it over to the person who will pay. Still, hopefully, this lengthy note was also followed by an additional tip, or the group chose the largest percentage to payout. Either way, it looks like it was a great night for both the server and the guests.

A Very Funny Joke

People in this world require more years of evolutionary change before they realize that a “tip” here does not mean offering advice or giving someone the instructions to a life hack. Granted, this particular receipt shows that gratuity has already been added to the final total.


It is still somewhat expected. This patron decided to leave the additional tip that it’s not okay to stare into the sun. Thanks very much for that. As if we didn’t already learn that it was dangerous for our eyes when we were in elementary school, we had to be reminded of it when we expected a little extra.

Testing A Theory

When it comes to the customized messages at the bottom of this receipt, sometimes the cashier can get a little carried away with their creativity. This server decided to write the ridiculous message at the bottom of a receipt referencing a martial arts actor and two completely different gaming consoles.


Not only has it been read, but it’s been photographed and published. Thanks to this guy, we all get to start our day off or end our day with a nice laugh. We hope he regularly comes up with new funnies to write.

A Little Detail Would Be Nice

Feedback is always nice to know what it can do to help improve the customer experience. And all feedback needs to be taken with a grain of salt because some people just enjoy being rude. This particular customer decided to leave absolutely no tip.


The service may not have been that great, or the staff may have had a bad day. Nevertheless, some people are heavily dependent on those tips. Now she knows that she can expect not to get if this patron walks in again.

A Joke With A Warning

This has to be the type of place where customers expect to be mistreated, like Dick’s in Las Vegas, NV.  This receipt came with a “yo mama” joke. And it is pretty funny if you ask us. it’s definitely original.

Reddit u/RealJonOC

We’ve all heard some pretty good “yo mama” jokes in the past, and they are all fun and games. No insults, shots fired, or shade thrown. These are probably the only acceptable inappropriate slander aimed towards someone’s mama that exists.

Parental Bonus

Going out for a meal when you have multiple kids is hard. It can get extremely costly. And all parents out there know what a hassle it can sometimes be to take out the kids when they are restless and hangry.


The restaurant staff is also not enthusiastic about helping out a family with very active kids. But these parents have some very well-behaved kids, and the restaurant staff showed their gratitude by granting the parents a discount on their meal that.

Come Back When You’re 100

Kindness needs to become a trend again so we can have more moments like these. This beautiful soul celebrated their 22nd birthday at a restaurant, and in honor of the age 22, decided to leave the waitress a $22 tip on just a $40 bill.


That tip is more than 50%. It doesn’t seem like the customer is actually hurting for the money, and it is great to see that he left his waitress a gift for his birthday along with a really nice note expressing how impressed he was with her service.

Making A Pass

Generally, a person would like to go to work, do their job, and go home. This can be hard to do when the customers like to mix business and pleasure. This customer decided to note to the waitress that he wouldn’t mind if she called or texted him for them to go out later.


That’s a pretty bold move if the waitress never expressed interest. Maybe he wrote his phone number on that receipt and left because he didn’t want to stick around to find out if she would reject him. Or maybe he didn’t want to pressure her.

Doing God’s Work

We are familiar with tithing 10% of one’s income, but who’s to say that doing the Lord’s work has to be limited to only at church? This wonderful customer decided to let the waitress know that she will always and forever give her life to God.


But she also doesn’t mind leaving a 30% tip for the waitress. 30% is not too shabby since the average tip left is 15% to 20%. Time to look up that bible verse that talks about generosity because this person has got it down pat.

Presidential Business

It used to be that a credit card transaction was not considered valid if the signature on the receipt was not the same as the cardholder. But once people figured this out, they started writing any name on the receipt.


This patron decided to write the name of a very beloved United States President, Abraham Lincoln. This even looks a little bit like the real President Lincoln’s signature. We will take this as a funny joke since the card transaction is still valid.