Messages From Management That Prove That The 9-5 Isn’t The Right Way To Make A Living

By Precious I

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It’s no secret that getting along with management personnel isn’t always a guarantee. Rather, when it happens, it’s a blessing. When they recruit you, all of their advertisements seem to promise they’ll treat you like family, yet they gradually drain your emotional reserves until you break. There are regulations to adhere to and principles to positively meet the employee’s needs.

But sometimes, those in charge get a little too full of themselves and their “subordinates” can’t take it anymore. They demand too much from their employees, show little respect for those they work with, or are just truly lazy themselves. When it comes to horrible bosses, trust the internet to talk about it. We put together a list of bad boss memos, featuring everything from spelling errors to passive-aggressive notes. Enjoy the content below and don’t forget to prioritize your mental health!

This is Absurd 

As humans, we are bound to make mistakes, especially in a workplace with a lot of pressure and deadlines. Do you know how bad it feels to reduce your paycheck because of a miniature mistake? Talk about a toxic work environment.

Daveylm2 | Reddit

It would be comforting if they spoke to this employee about what she had done wrong and given her tips on how not to make a mistake again. Instead, they removed an hour from her paycheck to teach her a lesson. We certainly would not blame this employee if she quits.

It’s a Free Bonus

As a worker, if you want to complain about a lack of bonus to the management, keep in mind that you will most likely not be allowed to air your opinion. But why should you complain in the first place? There are enough free samples for everyone!

PieCrafted | Reddit

There are many ways to compensate workers, and a single free banana is not in our top 20 list. Giving workers fruit is a no-no, especially for those who put their time and energy into working for your company. It shows how ungrateful the company is.

Even Your Lack of Talent Won’t Save You

The first thing that should put you off as a new hire in this company is this list of things that are virtually demanded of you. What kind of expectation is this? Not only is it almost unprofessional to have something like this in a workplace, but it is also simply unpleasant.

Franklet | Reddit

This list also shows how little faith the management of this office has in their employees. This is almost certainly whatever is taught at upper management seminars. If the goal is to motivate employees by calling them talented, this office is taking the opposite route.

Spell Check Problems

For every second spent reading this poster, you would spend one more trying to comprehend it. We cannot tell which member of the management typed this out, but we sure know that they spent zero time proofreading it before sending it to the printer. That is an unacceptable blunder!

SmartAlekParrot | Reddit

The only words one can understand are soda and water. The other words will make you rack your brain. Did they use a speech-to-text function to write this? We bet that if a general employee made this mistake, they’d be fired.

A Red Flag for the Company 

Imagine preparing for an interview at a company only to be met with ridiculous questions.
Firstly the questions are not well designed, but the options for these questions are even worse. The training program at this organization has really brought up some serious concerns regarding the management.

TerraTorment |Reddit

We consider it ridiculous and frustrating to find options like “shaving your head to control hair while preparing food.” This exam is not only badly organized, but its choices are also pretty alarming.
Maintaining hygiene in the office is very good, but maybe logical options would have been better.

We Hope This Is a Joke

You are probably as confused as us as to what this notice means. You would also be interested to know how many privacy laws this notice breaks, but the management of this company can’t be bothered with that — nothing should stop good research.

refer_2_me | Reddit

We hope the camera is facing the other way; still, the thought of a camera being placed in the toilet by management is jarring and, simply put, creepy. One can only imagine what other notices and rules are in this office.  

Big Concerns 

Here’s another absurd toilet notice. You might be a victim of a crisis when the management tells you not to put anything inside the toilet. The explicit use of “anything” is concerning. This kind of act would discourage employees from using the toilet.

thelematelethon | Reddit

Perhaps if the management had made exceptions for toilet materials, one would have understood perfectly. The fact that the workers should put absolutely nothing inside the toilet is disturbing. But we’re sure Reddit has come up with bizarre solutions for this one.

There are Prisons with Better and More Humane Rules

This office won’t be in the running for any employment standard award anytime soon. If you thought the sign was found hanging at a prison, you are not alone. This is what business management looks like today. Well, sort of…

ScumbertDumbert | Reddit

Judging by the plastic wrap and other posters in the background, this is likely a gag poster. But even if it’s not actually posted in a workplace, the fact that people can joke about it indicates that there’s some truth in there.

That’s Alarming

Depending on how you get to work, you might need to take the elevator. If you just walked half an hour, the last thing you want to do is climb a few flights of stairs. The elevator ride is a nice way to relax for a moment before clocking in.

She_a_trap | Reddit

Seeing this sign, however, would send our hearts racing. This not only implies that it’s very likely that you’ll get stuck in the elevator but to “escape” you need to do one of the things people fear most: jumping in an elevator.

There Are No Off-Hours Here

At this job, you can’t just assume that you have non-working hours. Even if you’re not on the schedule, every hour of the day is fair game. It seems like this employee needs a signed document stating when it’s acceptable for management to reach out.

ffsvera | Reddit

This exchange shows that the employer has no regard for their employees’ boundaries. For them, all your hours belong to them as long as you’re on their payroll. If this is what management looks like today, then we have a problem on our hands.

Washing Hands and Prayers

Washing hands after using the toilet is one of the best ways to practice good hygiene. However, this office has decided to use another way to coerce employees to wash their hands. What’s a better way to convince workers than using religion?

toastmousefish | Reddit

Any way would be better, actually. Everyone is entitled to their own religious beliefs, but they shouldn’t force others to abide by the same beliefs. Is this trying to get people to pray more, or to have faith in Jesus? There’s no good answer here.

There’s A Difference?

If you’ve ever been confused if there is even a difference is between greeting and welcoming someone, Best Buy has undoubtedly made the separation between the two. It seems you have to know this if you work at Best Buy. Who would have thought?

VeryBadLlama | Twitter

You are expected to “welcome” customers into the store — not “greet” them. This is too nit-picky for our taste. Best Buy management believes there is a big difference between the two, and it would be best if you get with the program too.

You Can Only Drive Approved Cars in this office

The way someone gets to work every day affects their job. Whether it’s by car, public transportation, or just your own two feet — they all have some sort of impact. Apparently, if you drive a car, the type of vehicle you have can make you bad at your job!

TerraTorment |Reddit

As for this company, your car makes up a massive part of your evaluation and plays a significant role in deciding whether or not you continue there. The management queried the guy in this letter for driving a car that they found unacceptable for company employees.

Minimum Parking Hours

With parking signs, we usually see what hours the spots are available for use, and if there is a limit on the amount of time someone can remain there. Yet this company has made it essential for their customers to spend at least 2 hours in their store.

CityBuildingWitch | Reddit

If customers don’t spend more than 2 hours, they risk getting fined $350. That’s a rather aggressive way to make your customers stay longer and shop more. This sign is proof that spelling errors don’t just affect employees, but customers, too.

Staff Don’t Cry

There are some days at work where it feels like everything is against us, and it feels like nothing we do can go right. On those days, when it seems like the entire world is against us, we just want to find a closet to cry it out.  

Mister_Pain | Reddit

Well, you can’t do that here. “Employees must stop crying before returning to work.” There’s no crying on the job here. This is yet another sign that we hope is a joke. Otherwise, it begs the question as to the work environment there.

Next Time, You’ll Be Named and Shamed

The management of this company has made their intention known that they will mention the name and shame whosoever is responsible for the act of clogging the toilet every time. The threat did not work because the person responsible for it has made himself known and is satisfied with the action.

a_llave | Reddit

The icing on the cake was this person signing the post and confessing their wrongdoings, “I am the legendary bandit.” We know how frustrating this can be for the management, but you can’t help but laugh when reading this. Honestly, we just feel bad for the cleaning staff.

Celebrations Are Not Allowed Here

There is no such thing as a long weekend in this company. According to this establishment, Labor Day and similar holidays are for those ready to lose their jobs. The thought of celebrating with others shouldn’t even cross your mind if you work here.

Credit-Limit | Reddit

For this company, the only thing you should have on your mind leading up to Labor Day is “what hours am I working?” You have no excuse for trying to spend some quality time with other human beings during the long weekend. It is the only acceptable company policy here.

Management is Angry

This company is angry and impatient with employees spreading a particular type of quote about the office. They want the person to keep the words of wisdom to themself. We don’t see the issue with sharing quotes from a specific historical figure…

ubaid647 | Reddit

Perhaps this one is an automatic no-no because of the topic of the quotes? Is the workplace that bad? We wonder who else is banned from the board. Honestly, though, we’re just curious what the quotes were and if they were really that bad.

Get to Work, Abby

There are two possibilities here; the first one is that we have a case of an employee that never shows up for work, and the restaurant has been pushed to take drastic action. The second one is that we have a restaurant with a nasty method of reprimanding their employees.

dookitron | Reddit

Whichever one it is, this manager could have found a better way of passing their message along than having every customer and passer-by know what Abby has done. We feel for Abby, but we’d also ask her to quit or get to work.

Now, This is Confusing

When you think you have seen it all, posts like this keep popping up. The clinic asks its customers to text LASIK to 36698 to learn more information. We’re sure that the number works, but that’s not the issue here.

TheJokerXX | Imgur

Just beside the poster is a “no phones allowed” sign, placed by the management. How are customers expected to know if “LASIK is right for them”? Well, there are some options available. You either commit the number to memory or risk being yelled at by the receptionist.

Snitches Get Rewarded Here

In an unusual way of getting customers to be more attentive at a bar, this management has decided to offer rewards — up to 25% discount — for reporting any server that uses their phone while on duty. That is a very eniticing offer.

EdwardTennant | Reddit

However, it would be best to consider the golden rule of never messing with those serving your drinks or food. You wouldn’t want a bartender adding a splash of spit to your dirty cocktail, would you? So, we might just pass on this rather intriguing offer after all.

Blame The Morning Shift

The safest way to avoid complaints when the restaurant refuses to open early is to blame the morning shift workers. Why run a business when people refuse to show up? Or, rather, why run one when the management is lazier than the workers?

Maybe just a little effort into kickstarting the day would make the customers feel so grateful to the management when they are finally allowed to come in. It would be great not to have workers mismanage the business for them. The customers might tip them for good acts of service.

Charging of Phones Equal Theft of Electricity

We understand that it is a trying time, and everyone is cutting back on utilities and expenses. However, this just feels quite extreme. It is a bit much to see a company’s management restrict its employees from charging their phones. What could they possibly lose?

phroug2 | Reddit

One can argue that the company is just tired of employees stealing their electricity and that whatever you use on the company’s dime should be deducted from your pay. But you cannot make these sorts of arguments with a straight face.

Safer to Stay Away from the Jukebox

It’s not often that you see jukeboxes today, so we’re sure that patrons of this venue love cranking out their favorite tunes. But there’s a cost, and we’re not just talking about the actual monetary cost of selecting a song.

oshp0803 | Reddit

Everyone has their own music preferences, but we’d expect that anyone in management would be composed enough to keep it to themselves. At the very least, it doesn’t seem like this was written by the manager, but by a well-meaning employee.

More Bananas

Corporate America always tries to find a way to reward its workers and motivate them to put in more effort. The most common way is to offer treats and benefits. Some companies get rather creative, while others manage to do the exact opposite with demotivational offers. This company falls into the latter.

likerofgoodthings | Reddit

This company decided to reward employees with a free snack, which we think is a great idea. However, they didn’t fully comprehend the concept. A single banana, available between 9 am and 7 pm, only on that one day? That’s pretty cheap if you ask us.

Don’t Forget to Bring Clothes 

Most workplaces have a dress code. For offices, it’s likely pants and long skirts, while medical facilities require their employees to wear scrubs. This place does just that, though they have a strict rule about the dress code — it must stay in the office.

Sethurz | Reddit

We hate to admit it, but this is excellent! A threat like this is sure to make employees remember to wear their civilian attire on their way home. Maybe it’s a sanitary rule, or just so they don’t have employees misbehaving while wearing the company logo.

Less Time at the Toilet Equals Better Productivity

If you ever had a job, you would know that those ten to fifteen minutes of toilet breaks are quite helpful. Not only do you get some time alone with your thoughts, but it also allows you to take a breather and prepare mentally for the rest of your work hours.

DaveVescio | Twitter

But companies hate those potty breaks because it’s precious time that you could be working. Companies that want less time at the toilet will install the new design of downward-tilting toilets. They claim that the main benefit is improved employee productivity — that extra three minutes you spend on your phone hurts the company’s pockets.

Please Don’t Use Tongues

This is a hilarious example of how important spelling is, especially if you work in the food industry. Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, people have been more aware of proper hygiene habits. Okay, not everyone has, since signs like this are still necessary.

JinoJP | Reddit

A gentle reminder to use the proper equipment to select your pastries is simple enough. That is, unless you work at a place where the management can’t spell. Since when is using your tongue the sanitary option? Someone needs to teach them how to spell tongs ASAP.

Limits on Screaming Space Due to Covid-19

Covid-19 may have died down from the initial panic it caused, but safety precautions are still encouraged. This workplace gets it and is making sure to let employees know where they shouldn’t congregate. Unfortunately, they picked the worst spot to limit gatherings.

Mineminemine | Tumblr

You would think the management would be more concerned with why many of its employees need to let off steam in the freezer (no pun intended). But you know what? They can’t be bothered about that. This notice is far more important than the well-being of these employees.

It Will Be Toad 

There are two options for this poster. It was either written by a student studying at the “learning academy,” which would perfectly explain the reason for the spelling blunder. Another reason might be that the person who wrote this has a spell in mind to turn cars into toads.

gooberdoober9876 | Reddit

We would love for the latter scenario to be true, but we know it is impossible. The person who wrote this down is just a weird daycare worker. Perhaps this is also a sign to the parents that they should take their business elsewhere.

You Need A Doctor’s Note For Water

We understand that drinking is unacceptable during work hours. Even if you work at a bar, alcohol is not to be consumed between 9 and 5. But this rule seems a bit extreme. No juice, soft drinks, tea, or even coffee?

joey_feeler | Reddit

We have seen a lot of ridiculous notices on this list, but this one takes the cake. It doesn’t matter if you are parched and need to satisfy basic human needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re overheated and you need to cool down. If you don’t have permission, you’re straight out of luck.

Never Leave Your Face at Home

We are so lucky to have our faces along wherever we go. Can you imagine leaving your face at home and visiting this store? You might end up in serious trouble. The management will not only reprimand you but also bar you from entering the store.

Pers0na-N0n-Grata | Reddit

If individuals don’t have faces, then they undoubtedly wouldn’t have mouths to cough out of. Doesn’t this make them ideal clients at this shop? The omitted word in this poster is definitely “mask,” but there is a high probability the manager of this store is bad at their work.

Be Careful About What You Add to Your Resume

When we fill out our resumes, we expect our future employers to focus on our work experience or academic history. The hobbies section feels like it’s more for us than them. But not at this job. Your special interests matter just as much.

JohnDoe_2408 | Reddit

At least it can’t be said that this boss doesn’t pay attention to their employees. They read the full CV, and used it against the unfortunate employee. We really hope that this is a joke. If not, we recommend that the employee send their resignation via a message in a bottle.

The Googly Eyes Revolution Has Begun

When you see this poster, you should know that this was definitely crafted out of the management’s frustration. If there are googly eyes everywhere in the office, it means that someone has too much time on their hands and plans to make everyone’s lives miserable.

magnificentshambles | Reddit

Depending on the adhesive used, this memo might have been put up as a favor to the cleaning staff. Although it is obvious that the said management has a low sense of humor, we still wonder why they missed the best chance to put googly eyes on the word “googly.”

This Might Not Be The Gym for You or Anyone

Whatever the management of this company thought it would achieve with this notice, it has done the opposite and belittles its customers while sounding sexist. It is almost impossible for anyone looking to stay fit to be a part of this gym.


It is difficult to annoy every possible demographic in a sample group, but this management achieved that in one swoop. Their lack of self-awareness and emotional intelligence is telling; one can only imagine what other things they lack in this gym.

Fonts Matter

This comes off as an aggressively imposed rule. We can imagine the screams in all of those CAPS and exclamations. Even better, someone is pressed and quite uncomfortable with the font used to type an instruction poster — without any reason.

cthulhu_bait | Reddit

It seems Comic Sans font cannot be used in a Fortune 500 company. It is quite surprising why it should irk the management that anyone had used this font for something irrelevant. It would be fair to think the management has a personal vendetta against using this font.

Another (Annoying) Reward Program

We’ve all been here before; you walk into a store and unknowingly join the rewards program they offered. From that moment onwards, it has been a nightmare using your emails. Every other day seems to come with a different coupon or promotion from the store.

TerraTorment | Reddit

If this happened to you, you’ve probably wondered how you got into a mess. Well, we might have some answers for you. Customers tend to innocently give their info at checkout, making it a part of the rewards program. However, this one is very coercive.

In Chains or Ropes?

If you have long hair, you best keep it up or risk the wrath of Debbie. She clearly stated the rule that “girls with long hair must be tied up,” but she doesn’t specify the material. Are they being tied to a chair with rope for disregarding the dress code?

billenbijter | Reddit

And what about guys? Are they allowed to wander freely with their luscious locks untethered? This is another note that shows the importance of choosing your words carefully. They didn’t specify who/what the “must” is referring to — the hair or the girls.

There is No Excuse for You Not to Sell Cookies

It’s no secret that employees working in the food industry have a specific rote that they must go over before/after every interaction with a customer. But the implication is that these are kept secret and the customers aren’t to know that there’s a script.

This is one angry Wendy’s employee. They must be protesting the policy that requires them to try to sell specific items to each and every customer that passes through their doors. We, customers, appreciate the honesty, but we bet the management hated it.

Picnics Are Now Cancelled at This Park

Aside from getting some much-needed fresh air, having a picnic with your family is such a nice weekend tradition. You anticipate that the wooden picnic tables will be available when you arrive at the park. Sadly, you might have to reconsider if you plan to have a little picnic at this park.

Leftoversalm0n | Reddit

In one of the most dispiriting actions you will see in a park, whoever made the bench available wasn’t interested in the idea of people having a relaxing time at the park. We suggest you find somewhere that’s a bit more inviting.